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Monday, May 13, 2013

And then there were three.....

Last weekend, the Big Guy and I decided to get down to business regarding the house hunting.  There are numerous properties in our little town--but the sweet spot for us has a limited number of properties.  

And of course....EVERYONE ELSE likes that price-point, too.

That particular weekend, there were open houses in town.  We visited and made notes on the ones we liked and the ones we didn't.  We also did "drive by's" of the houses that didn't have an open house, but were also in our price-point.

After looking at all the homes and driving around in circles, we narrowed them down to 7 homes.  Here's a sneak peek of what we're looking at:

Big Blue House

Brown Split Level

Dead Bird House 
(when we arrived?  There were 4 dead birds on the lawn)

Grey Split Level

Hot Tub House
(There's a hot tub on the deck!)

One Garage Tuckunder

UND House 
(Their family room is decorated with UND stuff!)

Make that were looking at.

We sent the list to our agent and asked her to pull the MLS listings and to see what she could do to schedule a showing.  She started working on that and wouldn't you know it?

In just one short week:

Well.  Crap.
So, that leaves us with the UND house, the Brown Split Level and the Grey Split Level.

I keep telling myself that the other houses just weren't meant to be and that our house is out there.

Lord, I hope so.

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