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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back to Square One....


Seems as though I put the cart before the horse.....big time.  So much so that the cart was 65 miles down the road and the horse was still in the stable.

We found a house.
We were set to tour the house for the 2nd time and make an offer.
We told our parents and some friends "we found it!"
And then the owners said, "Well....ummmm....sorry....no thanks."


It was the perfect storm.  The owner is a coworker of mine (we don't work in the same office, but our paths cross frequently in the work we do).  I found out she was trying to sell her house last year, but plans fell through.  They were always looking, through, for their next home.  In come us--a couple with no home to sell, preapproved for a mortgage and no timeline--and things moved fast.  But they didn't have a home to go to if we bought it.

And that scared them.
Can you blame them?  I can't.

So.  We're now back to square one in the house hunting.  On the bright side?  A few new homes have hit the market.  On the downside?  We're back to looking at homes. Again.  

Here's our new short list (lots of split levels....)

Brown Split Level

Foreclosure House (we think....might be a misprint)

Green Split Level

Yellow Split Level

On we go....


Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh I'm sorry it didn't go through. I've had the same disappointment happen but with apartments (and because of issues with the person I was supposed to be living with) so I hope you find your dream home soon.

Rebecca Jo said...

UGH... it took us a while before we found our home too... but its my dream home.. so hang in there!

Oh man - I love that one that is potentially a foreclosure.