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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where have you guys been all my life?

OK...OK....I know I said that I wouldn't blog here until September until the 3-day walk is over. But what's the harm in having a 3-day blog and a fun blog, right? As other posts will point out, if you want to read my 3-day blog, go for it (scroll down 1 post.).

I found another blog that I really, really like! Goodness, you would think that during the day I am actually working or something.

So, here's a little story on how I stumbled on these blogs. Ready?

On the top of my blog page you should see a link that says "next blog". So, a few months back I was clicking it and came across this blog. I have never laughed so hard. And it was a good ol' belly laugh to boot. The author of this blog is a pastor.

Yep...pastors can be funny!

Now, I've known my fair share of pastors. There was Pastor Dan who confirmed me in 10th grade. He was pretty funny, I'll give him that. But he was more "cool" and "hip" rather than "funny".

Then there were the various pastors in the churches I've attended. They were nice to talk too, but I never saw their funny side. Growing up in the Lutheran church you really just see Pastors as the guys who wear the white robes, read from the green hymnal, pass out the bread and/or wine at communion and then shake your hand as you leave the service.

So, to read this blog, it put that stereotype to rest.

Well, from his blog, I stumbled upon his wife's blog. She's got a great sense of humor as well. She has a great list of blogs that she likes to visit.

From her list I came upon this blog.


I actually see a lot of me in this young lady. Granted, I haven't had the calling to start a ministry (I see God laughing right now and saying "...oh honey....that's not where you are to be..."), but her blog entries sound a lot like my 20's.

It is from there that I came upon THE MAMA'S.

Yes, Big Mama and Boo Mama.

I linked you to Boo Mama in my last post. Big Mama is here.

These girls are true southern, christian ladies. They have good hearts, and their posts are just HI-LAR-I-OUS! I feel very much like I'm back in Kentucky where I went to graduate school.

NOTE: Please do not leave me comments telling me your opinion on if Kentucky is or is not considered a southern state.

So, now my morning routine is logging into the network at work, getting my cup of coffee, and doing a little blog time.

But shhh....don't tell my supervisor.


VanderbiltWife said...

I love, love, love Amy Beth at ministrysofabulous. She's a doll! And, yes, stinking hilarious to boot.

I am always scared to press that next blog button. Friends have come across porno that way. Eek!

Scott said...

For the record, I am "funny" AND "cool" and "hip."

At least that's what I try to tell my kids.
I agree that Kentucky is a southern state, but that assessment is based solely on accents and hair-height.