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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Channeling my inner Girl Scout

Last night I was watching a little TV and saw a commercial that just cracked me up. If you haven't seen it, here's the link:


It honestly cracks me up every time.

So, last night as I'm watching it, I see their new flavor of blizzard.

Made with Thin Mints.



Don't tease me, DQ!

I purposely don't buy Girl Scout cookies because I will eat them all in one sitting. When I worked at Girl Scout camp (4 summers in college 1991-1994), the council would have a stash of cookies in the freezer. We would put those out on arrival and departure days, and even use them as treats through out the camp session.

I can also make a mean s'more with two Tagalongs (the chocolate/peanut butter patty cookies) and a marshmallow!

One particular summer, my friend Dynessa and I found the stash of cookies and helped ourselves to quite a few boxes. In fact, if I remember correctly, we also had cookies with us when we went back to college that fall. We were mighty popular in our residence hall!

It should be noted that this was also the summer that Dynessa was fired.

No, it wasn't because we helped ourselves to Girl Scout cookies.

At least that is what I'm told.

But regardless, I love Girl Scout cookies--and knowing that I can get them in a blizzard, when it isn't Girl Scout cookie time, is a little gift from heaven. Being that the weather is going to be 88 degrees today, I may just have to have this as an evening treat!

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