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Sunday, August 24, 2008

2012 + Olympics in London = 1 item off my Bucket List

The Olympics are over.


I really like the Olympics. I have my favorites for the summer Olympics: swimming, synchronized swimming, diving from the platform, diving from the spring board and even synchronized diving.

You would think I must like the smell of chlorine or something.

Regardless, I love the Olympics. I doubt that the winter Olympics will ever be in Minnesota. I mean, the only place to ski would be either Buck Hill or Lutsen. Since they are no where near one another in the state, it would make it sorta hard to have all the skiing stuff.

But then again, if China can fake most of the fireworks and swear up and down that the girls on the gymnastics team are 14--then maybe Minnesota can make a mountain in downtown Minneapolis.

Just move that Mary Tyler Moore statue first--don't want her kikki beret to get lost.

We interrupt this blog post for this special update:
If you're scratching your head right now saying, "Was Mary Tyler Moore from Minneapolis?" the answer is a big, fat no. But the show was based here. And on the Nicollet Mall (which is a street) there is a statue of her outside of the old Dayton's department store (which became a Hudson's, then a Marshall Fields and is now Macy's). Here's a photo of the statue:

Love how MTM is rocking the pea coat and mini-skirt. Obviously, she's not from here. Who wears a pea coat (read: fall/winter) with a mini-skirt, in Minneapolis at the same time?

Answer: a tourist who was told, "Oh, it's not THAT cold in Minneapolis!"

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post....

I have always wanted to go to an opening ceremony at the Olympics. So.....I've decided that since all reports on the History Channel lately state that the world is coming to an end in 2012 because the Bible Code says so--I'm getting my rear end to that Olympics!

It's really a bonus trip for me. Why, you ask? Well, working at camp has it's rewards. And that reward, my bloggie reader(s) is that I have camp friends who live in London.

Friends in London = free places to stay.

You bet your bottom dollar (or in this case, British Pound) that I'm staying there. For all those times that I've put someone up at my house, it's payback.

But I am serious. I'm going. And thankfully I have a good relationship with my financial planner (we went to college together) because when I tell him in 4 years that I need to withdraw my life savings just to afford 2 tickets for me and the Big Guy for the opening ceremonies, he won't question it.

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hulagirlatheart said...

You go girl! I just had a conversation with my husband about going to London in 2012. He seemed iffy. I told him I'd go without him. I want tickets to the opening ceremonies and swimming. I hope my daughter doesn't miss her college fund.