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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just because you smell like Ben Gay doesn't mean you're old....




My feet are killing me.

If you guessed that I worked at a project that required me to stand for long periods of time, or worked a shift in a retail outlet or waited on a few tables in a restaurant--you would be wrong.

But if you guessed that I went on some long...long...long...long training walk? You would receive a gold star!

In case, you haven't stopped by my blog before--or have, but just didn't pay attention--I'm walking in the Breast Cancer 3-day Walk. Check out my 3-day page and 3-day bloggy here.

And no. You don't have to donate any money to look at the page.

Why am I doing this, you ask? My friend Amy (hence the team name, Amy's Angels) was diagnosed with breast cancer last October.

She was 33.

She's now 34.

She's in the clear--no cancer is left and she's now in the final phase of her treatment. The chemo is long over and her hair has returned (and again--it is SUPER CUTE in her short style!!). We are so thankful that Amy is a year older and healthy!

But the reality is that women who are Amy's age get lumped into a category of "it's nothing". But her "nothing" turned out to be stage 2 breast cancer.

This walk has one purpose: to raise money for cancer research. And to date, our team has raised $28,602.50.

We would have $28,603 if someone would have paid the full price for the cupcakes sold at a bakesale.

I'm not bitter or nothing. It's not like being in the Top 10 teams is important.

OK...moving on....

When you decide as a participant that you'll be in the walk--you agree to first raise a minimum of $2200.

Yeah. That's a lot of money.

And a lot of cupcakes!

Now, we have to live up to the challenge of walking 60 miles over 3 days.

To help prepare for that, we do a lot of training walks.

A lot of walks.

Today, a group of us (Amy, Katie, Pam M., Angie and myself) walked 15 miles. Which for a bunch of girls who have never done this before, isn't too bad.

I'm very proud of our accomplishment.

Now we just have to do it 3 days in a row, plus 5 more miles each day, in about 4 weeks.

Mental note: pack the Ben Gay

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