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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Kitchen Sink of Blog Posts....

Here's the deal. For some reason today I have a lot of thoughts swimming in my head. And I hate that. I really do. Because whatever is swimming up there now, will be swimming there when I go to bed. And when I roll over in the middle of the night, I'll have those same swimming thoughts.

Does anyone else have that? Sheesh.

Anyway....here is what I'm thinking about today.

Anniversary of 9-11: I read on MSNBC today, "When will it be OK to make jokes about 9-11". Here's the article. In my heart, I don't feel that's OK. And I don't know if I ever will. The attacks on 9-11 will always have a place in history. And a place in my heart.

That the girl at Caribou Coffee had no idea that NKOTB had a new album: I went in for my usual latte, and discovered that the Ten Cent Trivia for today, where you get a 10 cent discount on your drink if you're correct, was "What 80's boy-band called their fans 'blockheads'?" When I said, "NKOTB, and I have their new album too!" the cashier looked at me and said, "They have a new album out?"

Whatchu talkinbout Willis....

I looked over my glasses at her and said, "Like a fine wine, those boy have aged well. And the album is awesome!"

And, no, I did not tell her about my episode of borrowing the internet.

And speaking of the internet....
The Big Guy came through. After he realized that sharing his computer was cramping his game playing style, he got me a wireless router!

Ahhhh...internet for all. Though he said to me, "Well, this will probably slow down my connection."

Please. Your computer is already slow enough and the connection has nothing to do with it.

How to cancel a purchase on iTunes: And sticking with this whole NKOTB, wireless internet theme, I accidentally purchased a second copy of the new album. I don't need two. And I have no idea how to cancel it. Every time I log into iTunes, it searches for purchases and tries to download purchase #2. How do I stop it for good?

And speaking of iTunes: Do I spend the money to download Randy Pausch's book, The Last Lecture, even though I have it in a hard copy? I mean, making the decision to be a Tigger or an Eyore can come in handy on the ol' iPod as I'm riding into work on the bus.

Speaking of the bus: I'm tired of my bus being so crowded. Due to the construction downtown, they've re-routed and cut back on busses to the 'burbs. It's standing room every day. And a 30 minute bus ride in stop-n-go traffic is no fun. To prevent that, I walk 4 blocks out of the way so that I don't have to stand. But then again, standing people get off the bus first....

I need a haircut: This is a no-brainer statement. My hair is long. My hair is ugly. And my hair needs highlights in the WORST way. How else am I to cover all that gray.

Yes. I have gray.

I am nervous about the 3 day for 1 reason...sickness: Yes, it's true. I don't handle sickness well. And to think that I could be there because I'd be so stupid from being dehydrated, makes me nervous. It's finding the right balance between drinking fluids and peeing every pit stop (read: every 3 miles, which is about every hour). So, does this mean I need an extra bottle? I'm so confused!

How McCain can think that Obama was referring to Palin is beyond me: Oh, you've heard it already. How in the world can McCain seriously think that Obama's comment about lipstick on a pig was a sexist comment towards Palin? Honestly?

Now THAT is a stretch.

Yeah, I get it. Obama said it so soon after the RNC when she said the hockey mom/pitbull/lipstick remark. So, it's easy to tie the two together.

But as I said here, check your story. Because, here's the deal. Obama never ONCE mentioned Palin from what I've read and seen. Not once. Here's the proof.

And if you want some laughs, check out this clip from the Daily Show with John Stewart.

I'm not saying Obama is a saint. Nor am I saying McCain is a jerk. All I'm saying is that this is going too far and what's sad, people will believe everything they see in political ads.

I really like my job and working with students, however....: I do like my job. I work at an online school in the graduate program as an academic advisor. These students work hard for their degrees (read: not a diploma mill...). And I have come to the conclusion that I could never do an online program.

I mean, really, I was the ultimate slacker and wait to the last minute person. Paper was due Wednesday? I might think about it Monday. And in graduate school, I think I wrote more papers than I did in my undergrad--and I was an English major in my undergrad!

However, I am so tired of students coming forward saying, "This instructor is so hard! I've never had an instructor like this. I'm earning a B because of the INSTRUCTOR which has caused me to blow my 4.0 GPA."


Do. Not. Go. There.

You are responsible for your grade and how you communicate with the instructor, my dear. You need to get over that, right now. And it is OK if you earn a B. Want proof? I promise you that no one even cared that I earned a C in Conflict Resolution.

Though I swear it wasn't my fault. It was the instructor...he docked me participation points because I was late to class twice because I was dealing with students in my residence hall. I was CLEARLY putting to use my conflict resolution skills. Guess that doesn't count, huh?


hulagirlatheart said...

On a trail run in March I was really glad that I peed regularly because it helped me to know that I was well hydrated. If it's like most similar events there will be plenty of aid stations along the way with water/Gatorade, especially if it's hot.

May I suggest thinking ahead about your feet? Without good shoes and extra socks your dogs may be killing you about halfway through the walk. If there is a good chance your feet will get wet along the way, you may want to invest in a pair of gaitors (short ones) to cover the top of your shoes and keep out any water and the blister monster. Good luck! I'm so excited for you.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Please, please PLEASE ask him about the ski goggles. PLEASE.