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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Name is Kelley and I'm a Cheater-Cheater, Pumpkin Eater....

So, yesterday I commented that a little group called New Kids on the Block have made their way back onto my iPod. Back in 1989, they made their way into my teenage heart via Bop magazine, CD's and VHS tapes.

I will say that yes, back in 1989, I tried to dance like them. Who didn't. And let's just say that I tripped over my own two feet and landed head first into the couch.

Needless to say, this white girl can't dance.

Well, as I mentioned yesterday I pre-ordered my NKOTB album from iTunes.

And I learned yesterday that you don't automatically get the album. You have to log into iTunes and go to the store.

Which requires an internet connect.

I can see you scratching your head and I can hear you saying, "How in the world did you pre-order the album if you didn't have internet."

While at my Grandpa's 80th birthday, the Big Guy and I opted to stay in a hotel. And they had wireless. So I ordered it.

Now, I see you still with a scrunched up face saying, "Yeah, but if you knew you needed the internet, why did you pre-order?"

See, my internet friend(s), for over a year I "borrowed" my neighbor's wireless.

Insert gasps and wide eyes here.

Yes, the Big Guy has internet hooked up to his big ol' computer. But if I could "borrow" wireless, why purchase a wireless router?

Needless to say it's all good until the neighbors move.

So, last night I needed my wireless. I was desperate. I had to have my new NKOTB album. I mean, I'm going to their concert in October. I can't be the only one at the XCel Energy Center (yes, the same place the Republicans are at right now. You know the place...the one with all the protests?) not singing songs like, "Lights, Camera, Action", "Click, Click, Click" and "2 in the Morning."

Heeeelllllooooooooo......I'll be THIS CLOSE to the stage. They'll see me not singing. I can't let that happen!!

I asked the Big Guy to help me solve this problem (he's a guy. He likes to problem solve).

We tossed around the idea of loading iTunes on his computer. But once I saw it would take over an hour, I promptly clicked cancel.

I then took measures in my own hands. I drove around the neighborhood.

Oh. Yes. I. Did.

I drove to the park across the street from us and the heavens opened, the angels sang and the harps played.


My little wi-fi button lit up like a bulb on a Christmas tree. I have a "very good" connection. And I clicked on iTunes faster than Michael Phelps swam the 100 meter something-or-other.

Then I paniced.

What if someone called the Glencoe PD and said, "There's someone sitting in a silver Alero in the park."

So, I opened another applicaiton to pretend that I was working on something and even walked through my excuses to give my local police officer should they ask.

Terrible, I know.

Thankfully, NKOTB was downloaded successfully onto my iTunes, and I drove away back to my little corner of the world.

Should the Big Guy be updating my blog in the next few weeks, you'll know what happened.


Janice said...

I just saw them on the Today Show this morning and thought of you. You can probably see it on the website.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Kelley, that neighbor lady is going to kick your butt for sure now!!

Associations be damned!!

JJ said...

Hey if people are not smart enough to know to encrypt their wireless, too bad for them and more power to you.