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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Twenty Years Ago....
I went to camp.

No, not the camp I worked at.

It was Space Camp. OK?

While at camp I met my best friend.

No, we weren't a bunch of space geeks. We had dreams of being astronauts, but lets be real. We were there for two reasons: socializing and boys.

And for the record, I was commander of our simulated shuttle mission. The BFF got to dress up in a space suit and got to ride on the SRMS Arm (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System.)

Yes, I still remember that. I even have a book that tells me how to fly the shuttle. You know. In case I'm needed by NASA in a pinch.

So, my BFF was a military kid--her dad was in the Marines. After camp, they were going to be stationed in Japan. We kept in touch by writing letters (that was WELL before e-mails and text messages).

Then, in 1988, a common thread started in our letters. A common thread of a popular boy band who sang songs like Cover Girl and You Got It (The Right Stuff). We had the posters. We had their CD's. We had the VCR tapes of their concerts and Pay-Per-View shows (that are now warbled and sound like the band is underwater).

We did not, however, have the bed sheets
Or the slippers.
Or the dolls.
Or the marbles with their faces inside.

Now, 20 years later, we will be going to that popular boy band's concert.

We'll be sitting in row 7, lower level, stage left.In 12 hours, we'll be seeing this:

But really, we'll be acting like we're 15 again. And while we may be seeing 30 something men singing and dancing on stage, in our minds we'll probably be seeing this:

I just hope that the BFF leaves her Space Camp jacket at home (yes, she has a space camp jacket and STILL wears it. Ask her hubby.).

I mean, just because we're going to be acting like we're 15 doesn't mean we need to dress like we did when we were 15.


scargosun said...

I am seeing posts like this EVERYWHERE! People going to see these guys. I LOVE it!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

...now, if Leif Garret or Shawn Cassidy were coming to town... watch out!

American in Norway said...

Sooo fun! Wish I could go to a concert with my BFF... Have a blast... don't throw your panties & bra on the stage...
Well I guess you can if you want to.. I won't be there...

Mama Mia said...

I am cracking up. You commented on me from SITS..and i came over to read your blog and..#1 I am atteniding an online school for my masters (my last class I am doing through an online school)
AND get this I went to space camp too
AND I am going to NKOTB TOO!

hulagirlatheart said...

Oh fun!! My monthly bunco pals are considering a trip to a Motley Crue concert in January. We're thinking about wearing 80's clothes for fun. Enjoy!!!

PS-I'm with tracy on the Shawn Cassidy thing.