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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Kitchen Sink of Blog Posts....

Turning 4 is a Big Deal....Today is my cousin's 4th Birthday. She is also my Godchild. I missed her super-awesome Halloween theme birthday party, so I had to send her gifts in the mail. I have been told that little miss sassy pants loves them and should have an amazing birthday.

There she is...on a pig.

Post Office Time Saver....While at the post office today, mailing a package (...to a certain blog author who runs a ministry for girls and is throwing a surprise Christmas party for her volunteers before they leave on Christmas break...), I realized I needed to stand in line. At this post office there is ALWAYS a line. But lately I've preferred their automatic mailing center kiosk.

Yes. A mailing kiosk. No line. Fast. Best thing ever.

Since I needed to send mine so fast that Superman has to be asked to do the job, I stood in line. The guy in front of me says "What's that thing out there?" I started raving about the self serve mailing and literally, the woman behind me says, "I could mail my package there?" She was out of line faster than you could imagine.

And she was out the door well before I was.

Therefore, my friends, if your post office has one--use it.

Livin' Low Carb--The Update....The Low Carb is going well. Down 5 pounds this morning. The first time I did this I lost a little over 7 in the first two weeks. So, I'm on track.

My scale, however, is not. I stood on that thing this morning before taking a shower and I was the same as last week. I then showered, ate breakfast, put together said package, and thought, "hummm..." and in that time lost a pound.


Anyway, it's going well and the fruit is making a comeback. However bread is not. Not for a very long time. I am on the hunt for a soy flour crust for a pizza. The Big Guy is craving some pizza. Anyone have one to share?

English Lesson 101....Oh, and those words that people were wondering about from the last post? OK. OK. I'll share. I wasn't going too because, honestly, it's embarrassing! Here they are:

Pursuant: I thought this was a form of "pursue" and that's what kept tripping me up in the sentence. it means: "in accordance with."

Tangential: This word means "...of relating to or moving along or in the direction of a tangent." It also means "merely touching or slightly connected."

I'm going to go eat my apple now.


Gina said...

Hey Kelley! This is Gina of Friends of George- you sent us a $1 in the mail with a great encouraging card and the story of Amy's Angels!! I managed to "track you down" so I could email the cookbook link to you (pdf)... if you could please email me- that'd be GREAT!! thanks!! :-D

hulagirlatheart said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! You go girl!!

Bread-It IS sinful, isn't it? Of course, all the butter I slather on it could have something to do with that.

Jason, as himself said...

A mailing kiosk? I've never heard of that!

I'm glad your fruit is back. I could give up bread, but never fruit.

Dorkys Ramos said...

The post office by my job always has lines like you wouldnt believe (it's near Times Square), but for some reason I still can't trust those machines! What if I accidentally get my stuff sent to Timbuktu?

Eudea-Mamia said...

Your cousin is Suri Cruise!?


5 pounds - that's great. Congrats on that.