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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Because I Always Carry a Meat Thermometer....

If you ask the Big Guy, he'll tell you that I'm a bit of a food freak.

OK. My mom and family will tell you that too. But that's besides the point.

For example....

  • I only keep left overs for 4 days because Oprah said so.
  • I don't buy cans with any dents because Rachel Ray said you could get botulism
  • If I think any food is questionable, I don't touch it.
  • If it has mayo in it, I won't eat it because mayo is made with raw eggs
  • I won't eat salad from a bag because of the E Coli scare a few summers ago
  • I don't eat off buffets because of too many stomach bugs at camp from grubby little boys who won't wash their hands

And the list goes on.

But what I read today even made me say, "Seriously?"

Today is my late day at work, and before going in I usually run errands (Target, the bank, etc). Because I'm running around, I don't pack a lunch and instead stop by the local Cub Foods to pick up a few things. Today was no exception. I stopped into Cub and picked up two (2) South Beach Diet frozen meals. One was a Santa Fe Beans and Rice dish. The other was the Grilled Chicken and Veggie pizza.

I also picked up some Caramelized French Onion Soup from Campbell's Select.

Mental note: skip the soup. It's nothing like what you get in a restaurant.

Tonight I made my pizza for dinner (I normally don't get home until 8:30 p.m. and that's just too late to be eating dinner). I flipped the box over to see how long this thing needed to cook.

Under the cooking time was a note:

Pizza is done when cheese is melted and pizza reaches 160 degrees.

Oh. OK. I'll just be sure to dig out my handy meat thermometer and take its temp.

Let's just say that if I did want to test its temp (I did not, for those wondering....I'm living life on the edge...) how would I do it?


So, I nuked the thing for more than 5 minutes (supposed to go for 3) and called it a day.

The cheese was melted.

It was hot to eat.

I think I'm good.