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Monday, December 22, 2008

I Hope I'm NEVER on the Show Bridezillas...
So, I'm off of work this week. Yes. Yes I am. And I'm loving every minute of it.

That is, when we have a satellite signal. Apparently a blizzard & gusty winds don't seem to jive with an HD signal. Ummm...how in the world am I supposed to watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie and M*A*S*H?

I have priorities, people.

Anyway, I made myself a little lunch, and packed a lunch for the Big Guy (he's on his night shift right now). I know, I know....I'm such a good girlfriend. Oh, wait. Fiance. Honestly, though, if I didn't pack him his lunch, he'd take a hunk of summer sausage and blue cheese crumbles and call it dinner.

With my tuna salad in hand, I head to the living room to watch a little TV. I flip channels and come across the show Bridezillas. I've seen bits and pieces of this show now and again and really just roll my eyes at the women who think that they really can get their way by being down right mean. But the show I watched today was appalling.

One woman featured was so controlling that she took it upon herself to order a larger dress for a bridesmaid because she "gained a lot of weight", told her future husband that when they're married he will not be allowed to hang out with his friends because she "doesn't trust them" and then tells her father that she doesn't want him walking her down the aisle because he broke a coffee cup at the reception hall.



If I ever turn out to be like that, someone please slap me.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

That show.. those woman??? I HOPE it's all an act to get on TV because otherwise... I don't want t know there are people like that in the world.

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh, I volunteer to be the "slapper"!!! Pick Me, Pick Me!! I've caught that show a few times and I sooo wanted to be the slapper, if only tv was interactive... Have a great week off old roomie! jenny

Michele said...

Those ladies have got to be acting. Maybe there's a monetary incentive...an extra 100 bucks if they make someone cry etc...

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

AS IF you need to worry!! You don't have a bridezilla bone in your body!

Have a great week off!!

Caren said...

No doubt! I got married this past February and would periodically watch that show with my stepson. It was a good dose of obnoxious shoved into a white dress. Ugh.