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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'd Give Her Away But She's Microchipped....
This is my cat Stella

I adopted her in 2006 from the Humane Society.

Here she is after rolling around in dried catnip. I opened up the container and her paw went in and made a mess on the carpet.

See...she's got that classy eyed look like she's been sampling something. I wouldn't know what that is like (I swear to the Lord above). But I did work as a Residence Hall Director and had the largest drug bust in Murray State University history in my building so I've seen what it does.


And while she looks cute and innocent...I've had it up to here with my cat. The problem? She is doing her poop business outside of her litter box. And I have no idea how to fix the problem. Now, let's go over the questions that you're probably asking:
Is her box clean
Yes. We scoop it out daily--if not twice a day. In fact, we dump out the litter from the box every 3 weeks or so and scrub the box completely.
Is it the litter?
We've been using the same litter since we brought her home in 2006. Doing the business outside of the box has only been in the last year.
What about her food?
Oh. We've been there, done that. She has been on special food since we adopted her because of her stomach issues. If she wasn't on this food, her business would be...well...a big, ol' mess if you get my drift.
Wait. You've had this issue for a year?!?
Yes. We've talked to vets (including my future brother-in-law who is a vet) and they thought she was constipated. We are now convinced that she is not and it is behavior based. She chooses to do her business on the bathroom rug (thank goodness it isn't elsewhere!). That poor rug has been washed more times than we can shake a stick at.
So....does anyone have any ideas? Anything? I mean look at her....
Short of me putting a kitty diaper on her butt--I'm beggin' ya'. Help a sister out!


Anna Lefler said...

Oh, no - I wish I had some great kitty advice! I'm sure someone will know what to tell you...

In the meantime, hang in there and Happy New Year!

:^) Anna

PS - She sure looks like a sweetie.

hulagirlatheart said...

Hmmm. I don't have any ideas for you. On the other hand, I can tell you what to do if your toddler eats cat food out of the cat's bowl.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Have you tried... putting the poop into the literbox?

jcbroske said...

If you have the space try getting another litterbox and put it somewhere else or a bigger one if the one she has is small. We had this issue with one of our cats and once I got a second litter box the problems went away!! Although I now have a dog that LIKES kitty candy bars. So I am not sure which was worse!!

The Nice One said...

You could try to change the litter. Sometimes they just all of a sudden decide they don't like their litter anymore. Perhaps try a new box? Or sanitize the box? What do I know, my cats are all kinds of terrible. When they get too hyper and annoying I dump cat nip all over the carpet so they'll get high and chill out ;)

Caren said...

OMG... My cat has been doing that too! Perhaps it is the Humane Society secretly teaching this neurotic behavior into our felines!!! I have changed litter, removed the top from the box, clean her litter box daily...UGH!!! Sidney uses a carpet in the basement and I find it ever so interesting that two teenage boys will just walk around it and deal with the stink!