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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stupid Argument #52,874...

Every week I plan out a menu based on the Big Guy's work schedule (he's a swing-shift person). I then look at the two grocery stores we frequent to see who has the better deal for the week and then we go to that store. The cost difference is pennies.

This morning, I sent the Big Guy to pick up groceries. Before he left, the conversation went like this....

Me: Be sure to check the dates on things. I'm noticing lately that some of their dairy products only give you about a week before the date kicks in.
BG: You know that is the sell by date, not the expiration date.
Me: I know. But you knew going into our relationship that when the date on the package hits--I toss it out.
BG: Yes, but it doesn't magically go bad on that date.
Me: I know. But this will never change for me. So, please. Humor me. Check the dates.
BG: Did you want me to take these coupons that you cut out this morning (pointing to a pile of coupons on the coffee table).
Me: No, there is only one in that pile that can work for this week's list
BG: (confused look) OK
Me: What?
BG: Nothing in that pile is on our list?
Me: (raised eyebrows and annoyed tone can be inserted here) Nope
BG: Just checking...
Me: None of those coupons work with what is on sale or what we need this week
BG: I'm just trying to wrap my head around this process....

So, it's clear that the following lessons have been learned:

1. It is obvious that the Big Guy has no idea how I menu plan, list plan or clip coupons.
2. He hates the fact that I clean out the fridge and toss out past date items
3. Overall, the Big Guy thinks I'm a total freak.

Boy...isn't he lucky that he gets to spend the rest of his life with me!


Anonymous said...

Have you not informed him, that your mother and you have had this same conversation, going on oh I don't know.....forever???? It's just one of those quirks in your personality....I'm sure it comes from your Dad's side of the family!!

sticky said...

I totally do the same thing!!
My hubby looks at me like I'm crazy - but once that expiration date hits...it is HISTORY! I just can't do it...

Michele said...

Hubby and I have the same conversation about expiration dates. Classic!

Mommy of M's said...

My Hubby and I have the exact.same. converstaion about expiration dates!!

hulagirlatheart said...

My daughter is OCD about the expiration dates on stuff. She wants to throw it out on the day stamped on the item. I'm good with the sniff test.

Aubrey said...

Good stuff! I'm over here laughing! Men. They just don't get us!