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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Ready for my Closeup....
So, if you haven't heard, I'm doing the Breast Cancer 3-day again this year.

Oh. I'm not walking. I'm crewing. Actually, I'm driving a van around the route picking up people who can't go on. Amy will be with me, hanging out the window making sure people are OK.

I'll be sure to take photos because me + Amy + a van + 3-day excitement = photos worth at least 1000 words.

About 2 months ago, I was contacted by the head of PR for the Twin Cities 3-day to be an Ambassador. This means that if the 3-day gets a request to do interviews, we could be called to help with that request. She wanted me to do this because of the card project. I told her I was happy to do it, but I'm also including my team. While the project may be mine, the team is just that--a team.

Actually, I hate being the center of attention--so a team effort makes it less daunting.

I was sent press releases and was told to fill them in and send them off to local newspaper, radio, television....anyone who could give us and the 3-day a little PR. As a good little 3-day participant, I filled it out and sent it to some different places including KARE-11, the NBC station in Minneapolis.

I got an e-mail from the editor of the "Extra" segments that are aired during the 10:00 news a few times a week. Extra produces "feel good" stories. Apparently ours fits into that category. Go figure. Per the editor, she said, (and I quote), "I like the story! Can I call you in a few weeks?"

I will be sure to keep you all posted if we end up on TV! Not only is that exciting, but it really is positive PR for the 3-day and the card project.

I now need a hair cut and some hi-lites.
Did I spell hi-lites correctly (hi-lites? highlights?)?
I also need an outfit that makes me look slim on TV. The camera adds 10 pounds.

Or so I've heard.


Amy in Ohio said...

You = AWESOME Kelley!

Love ya, mean it!

hulagirlatheart said...

Great! You'll do swell. Tips from someone who used to be in the biz:

Don't skip the makeup, but don't go heavyhanded with it.

Don't wear white. Stick with a dark color.

And make sure your jacket or top is well tailored. If the seams don't line up with your shoulders, it will make you and the clothing look too big.

Smile and be comfortable!