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Monday, March 23, 2009

She's at it Again....
Last summer I wrote a post about the little old lady who lives in the end townhome unit. I wrote about how she yelled at me and my mother last summer for parking in the now established visitor parking.
I haven't parked there since last summer.

Until tonight.

And true to form, she came out of her unit and the conversation went like this:

Her: Are you supposed to park there?
Me (rolling my eyes): I'll be here for about an hour.
Her: Because that's for visitors!!
Me (fake smiling): I'm aware of that.
Her: So you won't be there for long?
Me (no smile, but definitely wearing my "don't mess with me" look): You know what? This is really none of your concern how long I'll be parked there.

She stiffened up and went back into her unit. I walked back to mine saying a few words that were definitely not lady like.

I came into the house and not only composed this blog (my way of venting), but also to be sure to take the landlord's number with me tomorrow so that I can call her and file my own complaint. This has to stop. I've parked there 2 times in the last year and a half and both times I get scolded by her. Our friends and family get scolded when they come to visit--and they're visitors!!

I'll keep you posted. I'm a woman on a mission, people.

Edited to add: The landlord has been called. They know her by name! I was assured that it would be discussed. Thank goodness!!


The Nice One said...

We had something like this going on where we used to rent. It was BEYOND annoying. Hope you get this resolved.

Aubrey said...

Sounds like she has nothing better to do! Sorry you have such a crappy neighbor!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

And I thought Mrs. Kravitz lived in my complex! Huh...