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Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Has my Grandpa Written All Over It....
My Grandpa Osmundson is a pretty cool dude.

For 25 years (or so...not sure of the exact years) he and my grandmother owned a livestock exchange. Their slogan? Sale Every Tuesday. You gotta love marketing and branding slogans. Simple. To the point. Never a question of when the sale was.

As a kid I loved going to the Sale Barn (that's what we called it in our family) and sitting in the ring while my grandpa made sure that bids were being seen. I got to sit in the ring during the miscellaneous sales. That was when we sold items like bales of hay, crates full of baby chicks and boxes full of random farm items.

Of course, the auctioneer would always attempt to sell me. "Now, up for bid, one little blonde headed girl, wearing a brown winter coat, green hat and mittens. She looks about 10 years old. Starting bid will be 50 cents." This would cause me to giggle and shout "GRANDPA!! I'm not for sale!"

Nothing says fun like a barn full of old farmers who just want to get a good price on a trailer full of cows.

Today I was sent the following video and it made me think of my grandpa. Not just because it has livestock in it, but because if I don't post it quick, I'll get it in an e-mail forward.

I love my grandpa more than anything!

He's funny.
He's smart.
He's sharp.
He's handsome.
He's still highly independent at the age of 80.

But he's Quick Draw Grandpa when it comes to those e-mail forwards. Funny thing is, when he got e-mail he said to me (in his thick Minnesotan/Norwegian accent), "Ya, see, dat der e-mail is fine, but all I get are jokes dat I've already heard a tousand times!"

And what does he do? Forward the jokes to me, my mom, and his other children.

So, I'm sending him the link to my blog so that he can read my post about him, but also to beat him to the punch in sending me this video. Because you know one of his old friends has already sent it.

Jeg elsker deg, bestefar!


Jason, as himself said...

He sounds like a real kick! You're lucky to have him.

jcbroske said...

LOL that is great!! However I will say growing up in a small town you sometimes had to shave or paint or do somethin to the cows, pigs, goats, chickens or rabbits. I mean this is at least what I've heard anyway

Amy in Ohio said...

As a Border Collie owner, I love this!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I loved this video! Super cool! Do you think we could do this with your grandpa's cows? Sheep? Ex-girlfriends?

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

OK! I thinks it is so Awesome that Grandpa at 80 can navigate the internet! My father in law who is 60 just gave up! I LOVE LOVE THE VIDEO! Thanks for sharing!