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Friday, March 13, 2009

Where the Big Girls At?
If you haven't heard, I'm getting married.

I am so not a center-of-attention person. Therefore, for me, this wedding is uber small. So small that it is only our family, and a set of friends each.

Oh. No need to worry. We're having a big ol' reception later for all our friends and family. Or at least the friends and family we can afford to feed. Have you seen what it costs to host a reception with any sort of food? Goodness!

Anyway, my best friend, Julie told me that I had to join The Knot for wedding ideas, their super-amazing check list and so on.

Like a good little bride, I went online and joined. While the ideas are super cute, and the discussion boards can be enough to make me raise and eyebrow and say, "...really? Is it that important to know when to bustle your dress?" I can't help but notice one thing.

There are no big & beautiful brides in the Featured Weddings section.

Here's what I mean. Check out this screen shot....

In the circled area above, they showcase different weddings so that you can see what the bride and groom wore, what the table scape was like, color choices, etc.

Over the last few months, as I've seen these featured weddings pop up on every page of The Knot that I look at, I find that there are no large brides featured.

Not one.

Large bridesmaids? Yes.
Large grooms? Yes.
Large brides? No.

Trust me, I've looked. I've searched by state. I've searched by location. I've searched by color scheme. You name it, I've searched. Oh, I'm sure they're there. But why it is that when I scroll through the endless featured weddings, I don't see any? What am I missing?

My beef is that not every bride is a size 4. While many brides try their hardest to be a size 4 by their wedding day, let's be realistic. Many are not. I'm not talking about only seeing brides that are a size 26, but I am talking about brides that have a little meat on their bones! Show the spectrum....show those size 4 brides, along with the size 12, size 18 and the size 26. Larger brides need to see different dresses on body types that they can identify with. The bride in the strapless dress who is as tiny as a lamp post doesn't help.

From one big girl to the folks at The Knot, I ask you....where are the big girls at?


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

I totally agree....the presonification of a perfect bride it a size 2! Not everyone is that size! I was a large girl when I got married. I had a tough time finding a dress that did not look like a potato sack! I was lucky to find a beautiful dress...other are not so lucky! Let me know what ya find! I would love to see what turns up! Good luck and Congrats!
Ps. I found you on blog stalkers: Yeah Minnesota!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm totally with you... its so wrong how they only put the tiny girls in every sort of advertisement... not right - & definitely not the reality... more people are "average" & average meaning over a size 10!!!!

Brides are beautiful - no matter what their size may be!!!

Mommy of M's said...

The Knot = Bad

PS, the yellow shirt on my blog is from Old Navy.

Sticky (not too) said...

why do thay have to go and do that to us? Bad.

We did a really small wedding too. it was a ton of fun tho' - would love to hear about what you are doing...when is it? Do you have your dress yet? Details, woman!!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Table sccapes? Oh please!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

OH, and I don't think you realize that you're really not a BIG girl. Sweetie, you are just right!

Rachel Ann said...


Well, if the Good Lord ever brings a man my way...I will definitely not be a size 4!! :)

It's strange that the trend has been to show larger women in fashion; however, it doesn't seem to have made it's way into the bridal world!!

Good luck with all your planning...I'm sure it will be a spectacular wedding!

Caren said...

Hi! My daughter was looking for a wedding gown last year and ran into the same types of problems. We went to David's Brial (in Michigan) trying on dresses. She came out of a dressing room announcing "I look like a cow"... Try Group USA online - they might have some. Not sure if David's bridal has any larger (bigger than a 2) gowns but worth a try. I got married a year ago - I had to buy a size 12 gown to fit me and I usually wear an 8. The are totally screwy! Good luck!!!!

Amy in Ohio said...


Sad really, it's your big day and society (or in this case The Knot) tries to tell you that you need to be something you're not.

Big girls unite!

We could launch our own site - The Knot XL?