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Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on the Fur Kid....
This is Stella, my cat. She looks sweet and innocent, but really, she can be a brat some days.

A few months ago, I posted about how she was doing some of her business outside of the litter box. Specifically on my bathroom rug. That poor rug. It got washed multiple times a week because of her.

I asked for some feedback on what to do. My cousin, Jennie, said, "...try a second litter box."

I did.

And the problem is solved (so far).

The queen of the castle now has two litter boxes--her original and the new one in the guest room. She now prefers the guest room litter box and rarely uses the one in the bathroom. Go figure.

Thanks, Jennie, for your suggestion!


Mommy of M's said...

She is co cute.

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

I agree! We had the same problem and adding a 2nd box solved the problem! Good advice from your friend! What a cute kitty!

Caren said...

Hmmm...I tried the second litter box too. My dear cat liked the second litter box for her #1 business, ignored the first litter box all together and still continued to do her business on the rug. Ugh. Well my daughter moved home with her two cats so I moved my cats litter box up to the main level of the house. Don't ask...problem solved except for I now have 3 cats instead of one! Yikes :-) ... they are lots of fun!