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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Times Aren't THAT Tough, Are They?
I was flipping channels on Sunday while drooling over the Pioneer Woman recipes and waiting anxiously to hear about the Compassion Bloggers on their mission trip to India, when this commercial came onto TV.

Please watch the first 35 seconds of this infomercial for the Smart Mop

Are times really that tough that if a soda spills on my floor that I would ring it out of the mop, back into my glass and drink it?

I think not.


Mommy of M's said...

As long as you don't use the mop to pick up the sand, ketchup and mustard before you pick up the pop it should be fine to drink!!

JJ said...

I have dogs and kids, no way would I drink anything off of the floor. Ewww.... Although I have to admit, even though I wouldn't drink off the floor, that looks like a pretty handy mop!

Debbie said...

Isn't that just for kids? Gross:)
Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

Rebecca Jo said...

That is hilarious!!!

And what is that PURPLE stuff around the toilet they had to clean up... do you squeeze that back into something too? ewww...