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Friday, May 01, 2009

Lord, Help Us All....
I was on my way into work yesterday and stopped at Cub to pick up a few things. We are having an office pot luck today and I'm in charge of the cookies. I got those ever incredible soft sugar cookies with the thick icing and sprinkles.

Yeah. I predict I'll have at least one.
Or two.
Or 12.

Anyway, I stopped by to pick up my Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil triscuts (oh, how I love thee) and stopped dead in my tracks.

I saw this.


100 Calorie Packs of OREO CAKESTERS?

Not just in chocolate but in the GOLDEN VANILLA?

I picked up a box, got to work, did a little presentation, came back to my desk and ripped open one of the packs. Staring up at me were three little Oreo Cakesters (it is a 100 calorie pack after all). I popped one in my mouth and exhaled. Amazingly delish. The next thing I know, all three were gone.

Then it hit me.

If I don't get rid of these ASAP, those little 100 calorie packs will be 500 calories on my hips in a span of 3.5 seconds. They were quickly passed out to co-workers and I felt proud for giving them away.

OK...I lied. I did keep one more pack which I ate after dinner.


Rebecca Jo said...

Yeah... thats exactly why I dont buy them... they are so small but yummy that I just want to eat the whole thing... defeating the 100 calorie part...

& I LOVE the flavored triscuits... mmmm...

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Yeah, and I was one of the receivers of one of those packs and when I went hunting Kelley down for more they were gone!! Good for Kelley for passing them out!! BAD for me for not being quicker about it!

JJ said...

PJ and ZK think the mini cakesters are the greatest thing every invented! With the big sized ones they have to share (and sometimes even split one) whereas with the mini's they usually get their own pack. I get major mom points when they get a mini pack in their lunch.