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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Open Letter to....
Today, I need to just have a down-right gripe at a few things that have been bothering me over the last week or so. Therefore, I've written an open letter to the following people....

The Lawn Care Dudes Hired by our Association,
While I appreciate the fact that I don't have to mow the lawn or trim the edges around the sidewalk and driveway, I would really appreciate it if you would be careful when you use the weed whip. You see, you're in such a hurry to get the job done, that you don't take into consideration that my container garden of tomatoes, won't actually stay as a container if your weed whip continues to take little chunks out of my containers!

The same goes for our sidewalk lights. Last summer you busted 3 out of the 5 with your weed whip. I've also noticed that our neighbors across the road are in the same situation. Please be more careful.

Thank you.

Coborns Grocery Store,
I am no longer shopping at your store. OK. I lied. I'm shopping there for the occasional package of buns and other random items we run out of and need ASAP.

Why won't I do my weekly shopping with you any more? Too many items that are out of date. While the Big Guy (and my mother) will challenge me on the date that appears on a package (is it sell by? use by? expires by?), I refuse to buy cream cheese that is 3 weeks past the date on the package. Or the Boca burgers that expired back in August 2008. Yes. I found those a few weeks ago believe it or not.

Regardless, I've encountered too many of these similar incidents and refuse to shop with you any more.

Thank you.

Did I miss the memo that songs are now anywhere from .99 cents to $1.49 to download? How is that price determined?

While trying to make my annual CFAB summer mix CD for my camp friends, I was surprised to discover this. I mean, really...is Michael Jackson's Black or White really that popular that you need to charge me $1.29? Or by paying $1.29 am I helping Michael pay off his back taxes? Just checking.

Thank you.

The School I Work For
As much as I love working for you, I get frustrated at the end of the month when you post that you'll be cleaning out the fridge on our floor and will be "throwing away all food items." Then, when it comes time, you don't toss out the stuff left behind.

I'm sorry, but if the sign says that you're tossing out everything, do it. I know. I know. You get complaints because you tossed out someones yogurt. Look....I get it. No one likes to be yelled at. But you posted a sign. You posted it out on our intranet page. You sent an e-mail. If someone isn't smart enough to remove their items, too bad.

Thank you.

OK. I feel better now. Have a great weekend everyone!


Rebecca Jo said...

These are great...

Yes, Michael Jackson's rates have now gone up!!! To cover more plastic surgery, I'm assuming!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Thats a great idea! I need to try writing down all the things that have been bothering me too. Lately there have been so many. I am sure after writing them down you feel a bit better.
Have a nice weekend.

Mommy of M's said...

The lawn co that worked for the apt we used to live in took a chunk out of Hubby's car tire. And yes, they had to buy him a new tire!!

Tara said...

I didn't remove all my items from the fridge this time and they through out 1 of my 2 Tupperware. I know it's my fault but I wish they were consistent. All or nothing they left the veggies and through out the fruit. I wanted the fruit more! =)

Caren said...

Amen to the work refrigerator. What drives me insane is people who help themselves to MY food. I label it..date it..and when I go to eat it... It is GONE. Seriously, I hire the folks at my company. I know how much they make. Buy your own food people. GRRRR.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

What's the tossing criteria I ask you? I also asked my hubby who work in the department who tosses the fridge goods. He has no idea - he goes by the rule, if it remains - toss it!

Also, did you notice that this time we were to remove our fridge items and leave them out until the next morning after a "complete wipe down of the inside of the fridge"? Who announces that on the "day of"?? Talk about things expiring! Jeez!

And, finally, for the record, who eats someone else's food? I mean really, come on! Where is my yogurt? Tara? Yogurt does not equal fruit! :)