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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anyone Got a Hover-Round I Can Borrow....




Wii active? Yep. It's pretty active alright. So active in fact that I had to stop the program in the middle, and "uncheck" the leg exercises from the exercise list because my legs were complete jello after 16 squats, 24 kick squats, running in place for a lap of the track and 24 lunges.

Then they wanted me to do kick-backs (where you run in place, and the heel of your shoe kicks your butt....literally).

I looked at my personal trainer on the active and said a few choice words.

I did the rest of the work out with the upper body work and felt good. But walking into work today and up 2 flights of steps was a new experience in those jello legs.

You know it's bad when you walk up each step saying "...this is making me stronger. This is making me stronger. This is making me stronger."

The Big Guy is going to do it today. I can't wait to hear what he has to say. Then again, knowing how men lose weight, he'll do 4 lunges and lose 25 pounds.


**Edited to add: This is straight from the Big Guy after doing the workout

I did it.

MY legs are goo.

But I did 'em all. Every last stinkin' runnin', high-steppin, self-ass-kickin' one of 'em.

As I said, ow.

You can find me collapsed on the floor when you get home. Please step over me, not on me.

Thank you


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally feel you with the men thing... my dad would like skip a meal & loose 10 lbs!!! SO not fair!!!

Keep up the work though! That's awesome!

Mommy of M's said...


If it makes you feel better I did about 6 hours of MANUAL labor on Sunday night, my arms were really sore yesterday. This morning the M's both wanted held and I couldn't lift them, my arms and shoulders were to sore. I had to sit on the floor and just hold them in my lap.

Caren said...

I want to come over and try it. I don't know anyone (besides you) that has one...

Anonymous said...

You're too cute Kelley! My hubs bought me a Wii(Only because I wanted one!) for Valentine's Day and i haven't touched it yet! Thanks for the heads up!

hulagirlatheart said...

My daughter stepped on the treadmill the other night and said, "I'm going to try this personal trainer thing." My response? "Don't do it! Those trainers are wenches!"