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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cancer Stories and Baseball Brainstorming...
Yesterday, Amy and I spent the day together doing a little cancer story telling and a little baseball brainstorming.

I know you're raising an eyebrow saying, "How do you brainstorm about baseball?" I'll get to that because I'd actually like your help!

Amy was asked to be a part of a project that will take place in October--breast cancer awareness month. There is a media company who works with online media outlets (newspapers, MSNBC, etc) to help them get "news worthy" items. As our host told us, there is no way that online news media has enough to supplement their news each day. They help them do that.

In October, they will be spotlighting one person every day who is a breast cancer survivor. Amy will be one of those people.
Oh. You bet that when that baby is up for viewing, it will be here on the bloggy!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Amy for sharing her story for others. I know it's hard, but I also know that Amy is not a "woe is me" person either. Her story was fun to watch and hear again, but also very humbling.

Here are some photos from the day. I couldn't take photos til the end because of the filming.

Getting beautiful!

After the filming...

Amy and Kelley. We obviously coordinated our outfits.

I'm joking. No coordination happened whatsoever.

After a little lunch, we started to brainstorm about baseball themes. As you know, we are doing the 3-day walk again, and this year Amy and I are driving a van during the event to help with picking up people along the way who might need a ride to the next pit stop. Every van has a theme and we went with the Save 2nd Base theme (get it? hee hee...). We got ideas--baseballs on the windows, maybe even some bases cut out of tag board...but I think we're missing something.

So. If you were riding in a van, after walking 18 miles in a day, and got in to see two girls wearing baseball caps and Twins jerseys (ha! get it? the twins? Oh I crack myself up...), what else would make our van fun?

What sorta bits and bobs can we hand out? We've made buttons, but what else? Help us with a little baseball brainstorming, folks!

Nothing is off limits or too creative!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Cant wait to see the story... Dang - we have to wait until October?

LOVE LOVE LOVE a survivor story!

hulagirlatheart said...

After 18 miles I'd want a good laugh. I think you should wear "cups" on the outside of your shorts...and offer them bubble gum samples. (The gum would also help to moisten their mouths.)

Little Dude's Mama said...

What if you made little trivia cards to hand out/questions to ask while transporting, then gave the walker a prize from below if they are correct? Breast Cancer questions, baseball questions, Twins questions, 3Day walk questions, etc.
-Cracker Jacks
-Big League Chew
-In-the-Shell Peanuts
-"Spitters" aka Sunflower Seeds
-Cotton Candy-flavored Gum
-"Dome Dogs" (gummi hotdogs)
-BEER (oh, what? No beer? SAD)

Caren said...

Awesome story...can't wait to watch. I'm a cancer survivor too (uterine) from a long time back. Thanks for the note on the quilt...I hope someone gets it. No hurt feelings!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelley -- wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Damn it!! Another year and auction gone and I didn't get a chance to bid on anything...Damn it!!
Don't hate me Kel, I was totally looking at stuff and didn't realize how fast it closed.
Good luck to you and the gals - go pink ladies!!

Love you,