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Monday, August 03, 2009

My Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook....

My name is Kelley. I'm 30 something years old. I have an ongoing affair with facebook.

It's true.

Two years ago, my friend Ed, who lives in Ireland (here's his picture if you want to see who he is. Yes, ladies. He's single.)....

...said to me, "Kel, you need to get on facebook. If you want to stay in touch with camp people, it's the only way." This was code for: if you want to stay in touch with our friend, Chris (who can't e-mail worth anything), you better get on facebook.

Here's a picture of my friend Chris, from New Zealand. Sorry ladies. He's taken. And for the record, thank goodness he now has a girlfriend--because she has definately had some influence (thank you Rebecca....).

So. I caved.
I also felt silly. Why would I...a then young 30 something, want to be on a site for college kids.

But I was instantly hooked. I could leave notes, and add photos, and all sorts of things. I could stay connected--and I loved staying connected.

As time has gone on, however, I find that my relationship with facebook goes back and forth. Some days, it gives me everything I need. Other days, I could care less what it has to share with me. I've realized that there are things I like and things I don't like.

Here's my list. Like you're surprised that I've made a list? Sheesh....
(feel free to play along)

  • Photos: I love, love, love the pics.
  • Status Updates: Some of my friends are REALLY funny
  • Super funny facebook groups that my friends create

  • Anything that you have to "gather" things. This applies to (but not limited to): Lil' Green Patch, Mafia Wars, Farmville, Passing a drink, etc. It clogs up my homepage. And no. I'm not joining your team, or sending you flowers, poker chips or whatever you need.
  • Relationship changes. While I know every single person on my facebook page, I don't always feel right saying, "What happened?" when your status suddenly changes from married to it's complicated or worse....nothing at all. It also makes me wonder if we'll now start sending sympathy notes via facebook wall posts rather than making a call or sending a card & flowers!
  • People who steal my photos and claim them as their own (Kevin Hulbert....).
  • When people tag my photos with people who I don't want to be tagged. Case in point: my old boss. I scanned a residence life photo of all the hall directors & full time staff. I had 5 different people--2 of which I didn't even know--tag our director of housing. I removed that tag every single time. The reason? I just do not get along with her. I do not want her tagged in my photo. My photo. My rules. Thank you.

So, yes, while I don't like these particular things about facebook, I will say this....without facebook, I wouldn't have been able to reconnect with:

For the record, I copied most of these photos from other people's facebook pages (take that Kevin Hulbert...)


Rebecca Jo said...

Facebook is the GREATEST in catching up with people.

Its not for just college kids... I saw my friends GRANDMOTHER on there - no joke!

kevin said...

Stealing is the best!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Yeah, Kevin Hulbert! Know what you mean about gathering stuff. That bugs me too.

Tania (via SITS)

Caren said...

I've been on facebook for a while. It's been great staying in touch with my kids and friends I used to work with. Even fun when I get a message from someone I went to High School with. I agree...I can't stand all the games and stupid things that waste my space either. I just end up blocking people. Oh well.

Sturgmom said...

I LOVE Facebook! I have reconnected with SO many people b/c of it. My mother-in-law often gets confused, though, and calls it MyFace.

My biggest peeve? When people scan in photos that include me from over a 2 decades ago. No one needs to be reminded/newly-informed of the unfortunate pink glasses I wore in the 4th grade.

Two Blessings From Above said...

I love facebook too! I get a lot of stuff on my homepage too and feel like I have to play along. They say more people age 35 have facebook and more women age 55 have facebook. I guess it use to be a college thing, but has turned into something for any age.

African American Mom said...

Facebook is my guilty pleasure!