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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something Happened on the Way to the Book Signing....
As I mentioned on Monday, Tracy and I had the best time at the book signing for the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Ree was wonderful and I am grateful for the time she gave each of us at the event. You can read about the book signing here.

But what I didn't mention was what happened before and after.

I got to the Mall of America (MOA) before Tracy. I got a great parking spot outside of Nordstroms and walked right in and got in line. I was in the first 15 of the line, so the timing was perfect. As I'm in line, I noticed some of the MOA security talking to some kids who were goofing around. With those security people were a camera crew.

A camera crew. Boom microphone and all.

As I'm in line waiting for Tracy, a few of us made the connection. They were filming the show Mall Cops--Mall of America.

This is just proof that anything can be a reality show.

Tracy arrives, we chat some more with the girls in line, and we start to move up to get our wrist bands. We weave our way into line and settle in for the next 3 hours until the book signing started at 1:00 p.m.

We had a great spot in line--right at the beginning. However, with our location came a lot of questions from the casual passer by:

Who's book is it?
Is this a book signing for the Sarah Palin book?
Doesn't she have a cooking show on Food Network?

Anyway, as we were sitting there, up walks one of the security guards. He asked about Ree and her story. I then looked at him and asked, "Are you mic'd right now?" (meaning, are you wearing a wireless mic for the show...). He said he wasn't. I asked, "Do you like doing the show?" He said that they just started production of the show and it wasn't that bad being followed around every step of the way.

Soon, his security partner came over and chatted with us.

She looked through the cookbook and liked how it was laid out.

As we were chatting, I soon noticed above my head, the furry boom microphone.

All the while, running through my head were thoughts of "seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?!?"

That and I was wondering if I had 4 double chins, if my fat rolls were showing and if my hair looked OK. Oh....and that I didn't have a stupid look on my face.

At 1:00 p.m., the Barnes and Noble folks introduced Ree and we were on our way to the stage! As we are shuffling along, I get tapped on the shoulder. It's one of the producers for TLC.
She asked, "Were you one of the women chatting with the security team?" I said I was and she said, "We'd like you to sign a waiver. We might want to use that for the show."

Say what?

So, yours truly signed her waiver.
Took her picture with said waiver (not only this one, but the TLC girl used her camera phone to take a photo. Proof I signed? Not sure...).

And I then stood there. Dumbfounded.

Tracy also signed a waiver as well as our friend in line, Laura.

We make our way up to see Ree, we chat, we take photos, and we get our free t-shirts (I don't think I mentioned that the other day. Yes! free swag!!).

As we are getting ready to leave, the camera and boom guy stop us.

"You guys signed waivers, right?"
"Great...can we get some follow up comments from you?"

Say what!?!?!

So Tracy and I stood there giving our feedback about the event, what we love about her blog, her cookbook, etc.

And then, my bloggy readers, I said something that will certainly make it to the show. Something that will paint me and fellow Minnesotans as people who read blogs for the weirdest reasons.

I said....
And I (kinda sorta) quote....

"I love that I can read her blog and she doesn't brag or boast. She shows us pictures of her ranch. She shows up pictures of her recipes. She says 'I worked cattle today', 'I scooped manure off the back porch.' that is why I just love her blog!"

And that, my friends, is how those of us in line chatting up the mall cops, ended up on TLC.


If that isn't one heck of a story for the Thanksgiving table, I don't know what is! Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOSH... that is AWESOME!!! You're going to be a reality star! Maybe they can do a spin off of people who go to book signings... or people who blog! You'll have to keep an eye out & let us know when that episode comes on so we can tune in!!!

And yipee for comments you KNOW are going to snag attention in editing!

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Nice.....At least you had the presence of mind not to say, "Uffda or ya' you betcha".

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

First I'd have to explain why there is such a show and then I'd have to explain who might watch such a show and then I'd have to explain why I'd stand in line to have a book signed and then I'd have to explain why there is such a show - again. My family is still pretty mystified at the idea of cable TV.

I plan to NOT bring this up at the Thanksgiving table as, obviously, I'd have a LOT of explaining to do... and my drunken cranberries will get cold. :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

You are going to be famous!!! I just love the MOA! Do you know that I was there the very first day it opened?

I am from MN too!! Dontcha know

sheryl said...

well, ya both dun real good. i love tracy's expression as she watched kelley talk.

the whole situation is pretty fun -you, the show, you guys on the show.

see what happens when you chat it up?