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Monday, November 30, 2009

This Blog Has Been Hijacked (finally).....
So...due to no fault of my own, Amy's blog post arrived on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Sadly, it ended up in the junk folder. Why? I have no idea. But it did.

Amy's intention was to have it be posted for my birthday--which was yesterday. Upon a birthday phone call she said, "Did you get the blog post?" Which made me look through my spam folder to find it waiting for me.

So....here is the blog post from Amy. I made no changes (per her instructions).
(Though I added the photos. She said she'd send them, but none came my way.)
(Which is a bummer because Amy's got good dirt photos on me.)

It’s my friend Kelley’s birthday today. As a gift to her, I am stealing her blog. I am an official ghost writer. For all of you out there who only know Kelley through her blog, I thought I would share some insights about the woman you have been reading about.

Kelley and I met in college. We were both involved in the Association of Residence Halls. I met so many wonderful people through that organization, and I am proud to say I am still in consistent contact with more than a few. Kelley and I haven’t lived in the same town now for 13 years, but we are probably closer now than we were when we lived down the street from one another.

Kelley is the kind of friend who will listen to you cry when your hometown is flooding.

In the spring of 1997 when the water was coming into Grand Forks, Kelley was a phone call away. As an impartial third party, she knew when to say, “It will be okay” and “Stuff is just stuff” and “I’m sorry you have to go through this.” When months had passed, and tears were still on the surface, she didn’t tell me to “get over it.” She just listened.

Kelley is the kind of friend who will laugh if you make an idiot of yourself.

(Amy pretending to ride a bucking horse in the Denver Airport.)

(And she thought I'd post photos of just me during this blog hijacking?)

Here’s the thing – I probably have stories I could share, but why would I? I will say this, Kelley is truly laughing with me, not at me.

Kelley is the kind of friend that sends you a note in the mail just because she thought of you.

It’s no surprise to me that “Cards by Amy’s Angels” has been such a success. Kelley is behind it. She was sending cards to people long before she had a service project. In my collection of paper memories, I know cards from Kelley account for 60%. She is an incredibly thoughtful person. Plus, if you see her in person, it’s not uncommon to get small gifts from her – candles, chocolates, CDs…she is extremely generous.

Kelley is the kind of friend that prefers not to be in the spotlight.

That said, I think she secretly likes to be in the spotlight. : )
I have a photo of her from my wedding. She has a scowl on her face, but I know she loved being called up to the dance floor while the DJ explained why she owed Marty and I $100. (That’s a fun story by the way; she should blog about it sometime).

Kelley is the kind of friend who will point out all the expired food in your refrigerator.

Yep. If she comes to visit, check the dates on your yogurt. Make sure the bread isn’t stale. If the bran flakes are past their time, she’ll let you know. Don’t ever buy spinach in a bag and expect Kelley to eat it. And NEVER, EVER, thaw chicken on the counter.

Kelley is the type of friend who will call you to tell you the smallest of details.

“The shirts are in the mail.” “I finished reading TWLIGHT.” “I saw the recipe – you put mayo in that!” Phone calls from Kelley always make me smile. The calls always start the same: “Hey Amy, it’s Kelley.”

Kelley is the type of person who will sit on people if they are giving you a bad time.

(Kelley sitting on Amy's friend Korrin.)

(Korrin didn't get the joke.)

(Amy and Kelley thought it was hi-larious.)

Have a friend nagging you? Have a sister (who you love) drive you nuts sometimes? Have a hubby that doesn’t understand the importance of the holiday letter? Kelley will offer to sit on them for you. Seriously. “Want me to come to town and sit on her?” Kelley asked. “Yes I do,” Amy replied.

Kelley is the type of person who pays attention to the details.

In college, Kelley did the notes for the meetings we attended. I suggested she put a “Calvin & Hobbes” comic on the bottom of each set of minutes. She did. When she dated that other guy, I told her to call when she got engaged. She kept my number in her wallet for that exact moment. When we drove the 3-Day Route together this summer she wanted to know when to turn at the exact moment. When I complained that Heather (another college buddy) was mentioned more than I in Kelley’s holiday letter one year, she made sure we were equally mentioned the following year.

(I would like to point out that when I did get engaged--Amy was the first person I called.)

(Sorry, mom.)

Kelley is the type of person who likes her “Kelley Time.”

If Kelley comes to your house, you do not have to entertain. She is perfectly comfortable with the two of you watching TV and not talking. If you drive with Kelley in the car, you don’t have to have “101 Ways to Stop the Silence” conversations ready to go. She is perfectly comfortable with miles and miles and no talking. Kelley likes down time. She will tell you when she needs her space. There is never a need to ask Kelley, “Are you mad at me?” If she were, she’d tell you.

Kelley is the type of person I would like to be.

Kelley challenges me to be a better person. Kelley is a role model – in her actions, her words and her life. For all the reasons above, and many not mentioned her, Kelley is a better friend to me than I am to her. I am lucky to have Kelley in my life.

Hey Kel – it’s Amy. Happy Birthday.

(Kelley carrying Amy through Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas because Amy complained that her feet hurt.)

(Yes. My toosh is now on the blog.)

(No. Amy was not drunk. She just lacked sensible walking shoes.)


Rebecca Jo said...

How fun is that... nothing like a friendship like that... its truly to be treasured!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Hope you got to do something fun!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Hey Kelley, it's Tracy. LOVE the post and LOVE your toosh. Not that kind of love it you goober! I agree with everything Amy said. You're a good egg. Well before its expiration. ;)

Caren said...

Happy Birthday lady!!! I've been a bad blogger and just caught up. Still so jealous you went to PW's book signing and saw her men (and boys). Sigh. What a sap I am this morning. Anyhow hope your birthday was fantastic and you've got a great friend there!