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Monday, December 21, 2009

Anyone got any ideas?
I'm writing this post from my refurbished laptop! My friend R did great work and for $70 (and a pan of Cinnamon Rolls), he was able to put in a new hard drive, reinstall all of my software and walla! A working laptop!

Thanks, R!

The other day Amy and I did a phone interview with the alumni office at our undergraduate, The University of North Dakota. We talked about our 3 day team (which is made up of a lot of UND graduates) and the card project. We were asked to give our interview to be a part of the upcoming winter edition of the alumni magazine to share our story of how we came to be.

One of the questions I was asked....how do people know about your project? My reply was "mostly word of mouth."

That's when it hit me. There has to be a way to promote our cause. We do work with Spirit Jump, and that is pretty much where we get our card requests. I'm grateful for this connection and we will continue to work with them. But I'd like to be able to see our project get requests from all over. How cool would it be for us to get card requests from Spirit Jump and other means?

In other words, I want to expand.

But how?

Any ideas?

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Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Get connected! Network!
How about a Face Book page for Amy's Angels? Connect with nurses in cancer units, connect with people who work in the labs or offices where people go to get their chemo. Linked in? Hospitals, nursing homes, churches? I see a mailing to local churches with the business card in it.