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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stupid Couple Argument #6894

**Edited to add: The Big Guy left a comment--you'll have to go check it out. The best part? Last night he said, "Think of my taking your yogurt, like you eating all the croutons that I bought especially for salad."

Guilty as charged.
I like croutons and can eat an entire bag--none of which touch a salad.

Well played, Big Guy.
Well played.

------ORIGINAL POST------


Yes. Yogurt.

He tells me a few weeks ago, "I really love Old Home yogurt, so if we could stock up on that for me, that would be great." I don't care for it, personally, and actually like the store brand yogurt (read: cheaper).

So, when I did the shopping this week, I did not pick up any yogurt for the Big Guy for 2 reasons: it wasn't on sale and he had some in the fridge. I got my usual raspberry and vanilla flavored yogurts and as I was starting to walk away, this little beauty caught my eye.

Toasted Coconut Vanilla yogurt.

Doesn't that sound good? With a little homemade granola? YUM.

Well, I wouldn't know what it tastes like.
The Big Guy had the same idea.

I got up on Sunday morning, ready to have some yogurt and granola when I noticed it grew legs and ended up in the Big Guy's lunch bag.

When I told him he took my yogurt he said, "I didn't know it was special yogurt."

Does anyone else have this issue as a married couple?
Is this discussed in the pre-marriage counseling classes?


jmmarshak04 said...

It's kind of like who gets the good leftovers (lasagna vs 7 day old Kraft Mac and Cheese). It is kind of first come- first serve, but sometime we do keep a running tally of who got the good stuff last time. We also know if someone has a favorite leftover (meatballs for me, any fish or seafood for Doug) we will let the other person have it. Maybe now that he knows it is a favorite (that is once you try it and decide you like it), he will leave it for you, or you buy some for both of you next time. There were times though when a certain person would take 3 servings of something(because it was easier to not have to dish out an individual serving) and then bring home the leftovers that were unrefrigerated all day and had to be thrown away. We had a little discussion about that...

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh the joy of marriage & the arguments that come with it...

Last week, we had tacos left over from a dinner out... hubs NEVER NEVER EVER eats left overs so he was out for the day, I ate the tacos... he came home & was SHOCKED & OFFENDED I ate his taco (one was mine by the way)... I told him where he could put that taco! hehe!!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Yogurt Schmogurt. Gimme more photos of Mr. J!

Anonymous said...

The Big Guy responds:

He now knows it is a possible favorite. The Big Guy will replace, if at all possible, this possible favorite, at the next possible convenience (would have been today, but the local supermarket doesn't carry this flavor, and the weather precluded a 20-mile drive to the next nearest supermarket).

If the possible favorite is ever in the fridge in the future, The Big Guy hopes he is smart enough to leave it the heck alone.

This concludes this response from The Big Guy.

The Nice One said...

Yes, this happens often. But usually reverse. I am sort of a "giver" and don't really care if I bought it for myself and he takes it. But whoa, if I take his , WATCH OUT!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Aww... I love that the Big Guy responded. Hi Big Guy!

Sophia's Mom said...

Oh yes! The story of my life!!!
It seems like every item of food that is intended for ME ends up in my husband's stomach!!!