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Monday, February 08, 2010

Dear Mr. J....
As you know, this weekend, your mama--Amy--was the lady of the hour as her friends threw her a baby shower. I mean, after all, we need to make sure that your parents have what they need to take care of you! But while mommy was the lady of the hour, you were definitely in the spotlight.

You were held by many nurturing women.

You were gazed at longingly, too. For some reason, I'm going to predict now--even before girls are a part of your thought process--that you'll be quite the handsome man. I mean, if you can hold a girl's gaze for this long, you've got a hidden talent, my friend.

Mommy and Daddy (who wisely left for the afternoon--he figured if one man should be surrounded by women for the day, it should be you), got all kinds of great stuff. Such as...

A cuddly blanket made by Grandma & Grandpa (apparently Grandpa was pretty proud that he helped pick out the material.)

A cute quilt made by mommy's friend Allison

Your first swim suit & towel--perfect for summers at Grandma & Grandpa's cabin.

Of course, your cousin, Miss E, was a wonderful helper.

However, I don't know who thought you needed this.

But thankfully, we got you on the right track. Whew!!

But the best part, Mr. J?
When your mommy said to us, "It's official. He's ours. Forever and Ever."
That is by far the best present that your mommy & daddy have gotten.

However come this spring we will make sure that St Cloud State sweatshirt gets buried in the backyard under mommy's tomato plants.


jmmarshak04 said...

Do I recognize a box of baby Keen's? They are so cute if that's what was really in the box.

~SHANNON~ said...

That is such a sweet tribute to what was clearly such a love filled event! I hope the baby gets a copy of this to go in his baby book!!

Thanks so much for stoppig by my blog too by the way! It's been lovely to have our blogs cross paths!

Rebecca Jo said...

That's awesome a baby shower was had for this new little addition! Such a beautiful little boy!

I'm in love with those blankets...

So excited for Amy & for this baby!!!

Anonymous said...

There will be NO burying of the SCSU sweatshirt. Go HUSKIES!

Tater Mama said...

What a lucky and blessed family! Congratulations to your friends!

hulagirlatheart said...

Look at all of that hair! How adorable. Doesn't it just make you feel wonderful to gaze at a baby?