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Monday, February 01, 2010

A Window to my Childhood....
This weekend was a typical weekend at our house. The Big Guy didn't have to work, so he and his boys were off to some gun show, ohhhh-ing and ahhh-ing over guns and ammo and who knows what else.

I did my typical weekend stuff: clean the house, make some dinner in the crockpot, grocery shopping, watching old episodes of 90210, buying underwear at Target.

You know. Important stuff.

That afternoon, I decided to make myself a little snack and got the bread out of the fridge. I took the last piece and as I looked down at the empty bread bag and had a flashback to my childhood.

When I was a kid, my grandmother--Goney--would save her bread bags. She used them for many different things but the one use I remember the most? Putting them over my stocking feet, and then putting them in my winter boots.

Apparently in the mid 70's, there was no such thing as Gortex so feet got wet easily.

And I wasn't the only kid who's grandmother, or mother, or babysitter did this! I remember going to elementary school and as you take off the layers outside of your classroom, you would ever so carefully pull off the bread bag so that you had them to wear again on the way home.

Did you ever have your feet wrapped up with a bread bag or was this just the town my grandma lived in? I mean, after all, she was Miss Lake St Mary's--so this could be a trendy thing that she learned on the beauty pageant circuit.

In case you're wondering, no. I tossed out the bread bag.
I have better boots now.
With Gortex.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I, too, remember the bread bag trick! I also remember that even back then a name brand was better than the store brand. Everyone scrambled for the Wonder bags with their tell-tale colorful dots!

Rebecca Jo said...

What an awesome picture of your beauty queen grandma!!!!

A great glimpse into your childhood... I do remember my grandparents saving bags but not sure what they used them for... I dont remember them using it for boot covers, but that doesnt surprise me. It was a very frugal generation - that's for sure. I can remember my grandparents cutting a paper plate in half so they could get TWO uses out of one plate...

Evansmom said...

I remember that too!

Laura Porras said...

Wow, this does bring me back - we did the same thing at our house! And I LOVE the picture of your grandma :)

Yankee Girl said...

Watching old episodes of 90210 is super important! I sometimes find myself watching them for hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. My husband likes to sleep in so I get time to do some reconnecting with Brenda, Dylan, Kelly and Brandon.

Visiting from SITS!

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! My grandma did that too. It's one of the reasons why I didn't venture out into the snow at her house..on the rare occasion we had snow. I hated the bread sacks...almost as much as I hated the head scarf.

Amy said...

YES! Minnesota winters are cold and wet, I too wore bread bags and the like inside my boots. Thanks for the reminding me, I'll have to tell my kids...they have it so easy!