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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Money Dare Update....
I know that some of you have been wondering how I've been doing with my own, self proclaimed Money Dare.

So far....

.....not bad.

When I started this project, I set the following goals for myself:

1. Cut our grocery bill and spend $60 a week on our groceries.
2. Put the money we save from groceries into the money market account.
3. Not buy anything new in 2010.
4. Enjoy coffee from Caribou but on payday only (twice a month).

Here is an update....

Cut the weekly grocery bill and spend $60 a week. Grade: B+
Two weeks ago I spent about $130 on groceries. This was because we were out of the "Costco Staples", which have helped to cut our grocery budget. But over all, we've been doing pretty good, actually staying around $60-$65 a week. Shopping with a calculator helps, as does coupons. If I remember to grab them.

We still have yet to go to Costco for the month. *sigh*

Put our grocery savings into the money market account. Grade: D+
I totally dropped the ball on this one. It hasn't happened.

What that extra money has allowed me to do is pay off 2 credit cards. Obviously, the balances weren't huge on those cards, but they are paid off. So, while I haven't made the goal of putting money into that account, I am happy that those two cards are free and clear, and won't be used any time soon.

Not buy anything new in 2010. Grade: A-
I would say that I have actually done pretty well with this. In looking over the last 2 months, I haven't bought anything new.

Not one thing.

We do have a few wedding purchases left to make, and that was actually factored into this--so there will be some purchases. But thankfully, it isn't much and as I said I'm super OK with going used or borrowed on some items!

Let me say that this has been a challenge. Oh my LORD, has it EVER. You don't know how many times when I've gone to Target for just paper towels and shampoo, I've almost walked out with a clearance end-cap item (the other day it was slippers for $3. But I walked away...).

Enjoy Caribou Coffee only on payday. Grade: F
Big ol' F on this one.
Now, I will say I don't go every day.
But I haven't limited my coffee to twice a month.
In looking over my bank statements I went 5 times in February. January I was on the mark (2 visits).

So, while it wasn't my average 15 times a month in 2009, it was still off the mark.

Maybe a bit harsh to give myself an "F"? Perhaps. But remember, I said I would only go on payday. I only get paid 2 times a month. So, I should only be going on those days.

There you have it, kids. Where we are at so far.


jcbroske said...

I find that if I put 20 bucks on a gift card(or whatever pre-set amount you choose) that is my coffee money for the month and once it's gone, it's gone. So maybe instead of limiting to twice a month you could limit to a dollar amount from the money saved on groceries?

Rebecca Jo said...

So impressive!!!

Dont forget, most cell phones have a calculator. I know that's helped me grocery shopping.

hulagirlatheart said...

I'm very impressed. It sounds as if you've knocked your coffee habit way down and great lowered how much you're spending on groceries. Those are two huge steps in developing habits. And not buying stuff? That is HUGE. I'd give you an A+ for effort.

Amy in Ohio said...

I think you8 are doing great and you should give yourself extra credit for tackling those high-interest credit cards.

Go celebrate with a coffee...just kiddin'

The Target end caps always do me in too.