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Monday, March 01, 2010

Sadly, I have no proof....
Saturday night I not only had a date night with the Big Guy, but it was at a work event. I had these grand plans to take tons of photos, post them on the blog and have a great Monday post.

Well, someone *cough* the Big Guy *cough* drained the batteries in the fancy new camera.

Therefore. No proof.

Because, people, we had a great date night at a wine tasting, with my co-workers, that would have been really cool to photograph.

One of the rules of my blog is that I don't blog about work. One for privacy, but two, I firmly believe that it is OK to not have to blog about every single thing in your life. I am lucky though that I work with some amazing people. Our team of advisers is small (9 of us total for our degree program), so we do get along really well.

Our school--an online university--is not only a school, but a business. Most for profit universities are. Because we are also dipping our toes in the business pool, we also raise money for the community through big name charities. Because of that, the director of our department, Ms. K, offered a wine tasting at her home as one of the silent auction items last fall. We all went in on it as a team and won!

Let me tell you. It was awesome.

She had stations set up around her house where you could taste the wine, swish the wine, spit the wine, rinse your glass, etc. She and her husband covered the wine labels (so you wouldn't be biased!). They even had us do a little "smelling test" with these fun little bottles. You had to guess the food scent. The hope is that if you can smell that--you'll be able to pick up the notes in the wine.

Ya'll. This was, by far, the funnest wine tasting I've ever been too!

This would be the point of the blog post where I would insert photos of Ms. K's beautiful home, the brown paper covered wine bottles, the little sniffing jars, the great snacks (soooooo good!), the fun people in attendance, Ms. K & the Big Guy bonding over the fact that they grew up only 10 miles apart, the point in the evening when a co-workers husband and the Big Guy had a deep discussion about beer, etc. So, I've had to settle for internet photos from a google search (including our two favorites--I like the white, the Big Guy (and a lot of folks in attendance) liked this brand of red).

But again, no batteries = no photos.

This was also, the first time that the Big Guy met my team! I've worked here for 3 years and they are just now meeting him. I keep my relationships close to the vest and didn't want to have them meet him until it was just right.

Apparently, word on the street, is that they really, really like him.

Which makes my heart happy.

I like happy....wine induced or not.


Rebecca Jo said...

ahhh - its like introducing him to the family...

Doesnt that drive you nuts when you wish your camera was there for all the blog-fun it could be!!!

I'll picture all of it in my mind & see you all spitting wine like a beautiful fountain :)

hulagirlatheart said...

What fun! The paper bags take the snobbery out of it.

I'm about to order extra camera batteries. I realized the other day how attached I am to my camera when I called the camera shop for an appointment to get it cleaned and serviced and I realized I didn't want to give it up for two days.

Amy in Ohio said...

regarding the wine...do you drink red? I'm not a grown-up enough grown-up to drink the reds.

Unless it is Sangria with a boatload of fruit.

At which point I should just get a bottle of Tropicana.