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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prom Ain't What it Used to Be....
This weekend while we were creating a wedding dress out of various patterns and colors and bits and bobs, my cousin Sassy was also looking for a prom dress.

Back when I was in high school, this was the style of prom dress: (image from Google Images)

Dresses like this are all the rage.

We saw a number of girls at David's Bridal trying on dresses like this. My aunt, Sassy's mother, looked at a young girl wearing a wildly patterned dress, with a low cut front and virtually no back and said "Absolutely not, no way." My aunt had the "3 B's" rule: the dress cannot show boobs, butt, or belly.

Sassy, however, found a very fun dress! While the pattern is a little wild, it is really cute.

And she looked adorable in it.

Have fun at prom, Sassy!


Rebecca Jo said...

Yep - Prom dresses have come a LLLOONNNG way ... the more sequins & puffy - the better... everything is so grown up now.. so elegant...

I'm LOVING that green around that dress... what a fun, adorable look!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Isn't it funny that the hairstyles matched those 80's dressess too? I'm distinctly remembering the bangs that looked like rooster combs! The taller the better!

Super cute Sassy!

Anonymous said...

I figure that the only reason I wasn't conned into making a prom dress on top of everything else is that Sassafras wanted it now, as in right this very minute. Thank God for impatient Nieces!!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget that Sassy's mom knows that Kelley's mom is also making Kelley's gown for her wedding. That is 2, count them 2 gowns, with a time span of one month between them. Sassy's mom should be called a genius!!! for knowing enough not to ask!
Love Sassy's mom

Caren said...

I love the dress!!! Black & white with a splash of lime green - pure class... not trash. Too many young girls think that trashy equates to sexy. Go Sassy!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Cute!!! Teen Angel's friend bought a prom dress that is black (long) with a bright green sash and trim on the bodice. Love the black/green thing.

I too, was stunned at the low cut, slinky multi-colored numbers.