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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Photos...
I am currently going through the annual spring cleaning purge when I found these photos from various people in my family.

And honestly, they made me say "awww" and giggle all at the same time.

Here are is my Grandma & Grandpa Osmundson (who the blog address is named after!). They were married in April 1949. Grandma O is no longer living, but if she were, they would have been married 61 years this April.

As ornery as Grandma O was sometimes, I do miss her. *sigh*

Here are my parents on their wedding day. I love the classic, "Look at the guest book and admire who came to celebrate your day" photo.

For the record, Andy and I will be doing no such thing.
We can't.
We don't have a guest book.

Here are my parents with Grandma and Grandpa O.
My mom just shared a private story with me the other day about the wedding and what Grandma O told her in the receiving line.

I promised I wouldn't share it.
But it just makes this photo even more funnier.

This is my cousin Stacy's wedding. This is probably the only family photo that we have with everyone. This was circa 1999 (one week after Stacy graduated from High School!).

Please take note of the little girl in the front row in the pinkish flower dress (she's standing next to me--I'm the one in green).

Look at her. Isn't she cute?
Loving the family photo op?


Now scroll down to the next photo.

This is my cousin Tim's wedding, circa 2006.

See the girl in the middle? The one in black? Yep. That's the same adorable little girl from 1999. She had no interest in taking photos that day. None. Even though it was her brother's wedding day.

Then again, the bride doesn't look all that thrilled either.

Yet another reason why my extended family is only invited to the reception that is happening 6 months later.

Does anyone else ever write blog posts and laugh out loud as you type them? Because I'm totally doing that. Oh. Yes. I. Am.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh, I crack myself up all the time when doing a blog post... haha!!

That picture looking at the guest book is funny!!! What a random picture!

And love the grandparents picture ... my grandparents always had on a corsage too when they had their pictures taken...

Love family wedding pictures - you can get away making fun of those!

Jason, as himself said...

Those laugh out loud posts are always the best.

And now you've got me wishing I could hear that private story!!