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Friday, April 09, 2010

Why Do You Blog?

The other morning I was riding the bus into work and listening to the radio on my iPod (oh, how I love that feature of my little iPod Nano!). My favorite talk radio station--or as the Big Guy calls it, "Chic talk radio"--was discussing mommy bloggers.

The discussion was about how popular bloggers need to also deal with the backlash of people who don't like their blog. I can see that. The more popular you are...the more criticism you'll get about every single little thing you do, good or bad.

But the thing that struck me was that blogging in general is a $500 million dollar industry, with mommy bloggers being responsible for a large majority of that. In fact, it is predicted that blogging will reach $750 million in 2012 if not $1 billion. (source)

This got me thinking.
Why do we blog?
The money?
The fame?
The ability to stay at home?

I know why I blog. I love to share stories and write out my crazy observations. To make money, though? Not so much. Yes, I know. I had ads on my site. I had them up for about 3 months to see what it would generate for me. I earned a grand total of $4.09 for all 3 months....which I have yet to receive a check, thankyouverymuch. That could buy me a latte at Caribou!

But some people try really, really hard to get people to read their blog. They want followers and comments. They promote the heck out of their blog by leaving comments saying "I'm following you, you should follow me!" There is one blogger who did this recently and I saw her follow list grow from less than 100 to over 1000 (yes, One Thousand) in a span of a week.

I can barely keep up with the list of blogs I follow much less 1000!

I guess I also wonder...when did blogging become all about give aways and followers, comments, tweets, etc. etc. Don't get me wrong. I think it's cool that people can make some serious cash off their blogs and have a big following. There is also nothing wrong with the occasional give awy.

But I guess for me, blogging has never been about that.

So...why do you blog?
If you don't blog, but read blogs, what keeps you coming back?


Rebecca Jo said...

There really is a crazy side to it... I've seen where people get ALL sorts of free stuff to advertise, test it out, review it, give it away...

I do receive free books to review - but that's the extent of my "freebies" from blogging... Not even sure anyone even GOES to my book blog - haha!

But for me - my blog is just like you said - for ME! To look back & remember that time in my life - or the thoughts I had - or what God lays on my heart to share.

I went to high school... been there, done that.. .I've over the popularity thing...thats what makes a blog a "job" - & what fun is that?

Little Dude's Mama said...

My blog is my hobby, plain and simple. It's my daughter's baby book. If it were my paying gig, there's no telling what I'd do to promote it. But, it's not what I'm paid for. It's funny though; the world's most well-paid bloggers are some of my daily favorites, like Kelly, Dooce, Ree, and Melanie. They're popular. But I still like them to pieces!

Here's hoping you can someday get your fricken' latte at Caribou ... which has me rethinking ads on my blogs all of sudden ... coffee money?!?!!?

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I started blogging to get into the habit of writing every day. It was my way of creating the discipline I need for writing that novel I keep saying I'm going to write. I keep blogging because I enjoy the community and friendships. It's also a place for me to put forth my creative words and pictures and get feedback on them. Mostly? It's just fun.

Caren said...

I started my blog when Gary & I got custody of his boys. I thought it would be a great way to chronical time and changes we were all going through. In time, it has grown more into sharing stories and bits of life. I've made some lovely on-line friends which is a bonus!

Jason, as himself said...

I started The Jason Show because my sister and sister-in-law kept urging me to do it. Then I quickly found it to be a much needed creative release and of course somewhere to write. Then it turned in to a great source of friendship and support and fun.

I'm also learning that even though I love comments and followers, perhaps less is more when it comes to that stuff. I tend to lose sight of why I blog in the first place...for me.

I feel that Facebook has taken a lot of bloggers out of the blogosphere, but even though I'm on FB, blogging is my first online love.

The Ardent Viper said...

Blogging has been a great outlet for debate and airing out ideas. A friend of mine thought I'd enjoy doing a blog since I was sending a group of my friends emails weekly about different topics. To some they ask not to recieve them and others did not like the reply all feature that others used. So, last March I launched my blog.

Unforutnately some have seen my blog launch, as it coincided with Obama taking office, as my attempt to rail against the first black President of the US. I allow them to think that because that is not the reason why. The money angle is interesting but I don't care for that part. Just the open forum to discuss topics of the day. I have even had a few guest spots on it too.

Goon said...

I started out just goofing around in 2006 with a Sioux hockey blog and ended up doing it more often and getting offers for minor blogging opportunities, now I am a syndicated blog I make a little money and I was able to get a press pass or two this season.