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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cheaper Insurance (no, really!)....

I know I haven't been keeping people up to date on my own self proclaimed Money Dare. But really, it's sorta boring to write "I saw this on sale and didn't buy it." So I've spared you the details.


What this money dare has done has helped me to look at how my money is being spent. Recently, that realization went the way of my auto insurance.

With the Big Guy and I getting married in just a few short weeks (deep breaths....deep breaths....), we have started the ever popular discussion about finances. During our discussion, the Big Guy said that he was going to make an appointment with his insurance agent so that I could be added to the homeowner's policy.

I suddenly felt old.
Meeting with the insurance guy was for my parents. Not me. Or my husband.
But apparently we have one.
Who knew!

Anyway, the Big Guy asked me for my auto policy to see if the insurance guy could do a little better for me. So, I gave the Big Guy my auto policy and away he went to talk deductibles and other insurance lingo.

When he came home, the Big Guy said, "here is what you'd be paying if you went with him." I looked at the quote and did a double take. Yes. A double take. Not only do I have the exact same deductible, exact same coverage, exact EVERYTHING, but I am saving $253 every six months.

I KNOW!!! That's OVER $500 a year.

I promptly called the insurance guy the following day and said, "SIGN ME UP!!" The funny thing about this is that I felt loyalty to my old insurance provider. I've been with them since 1996. For 14 years I've been with them and every year my insurance crept up dollar by dollar, little by little. What is even more ironic? Once we get hitched--our insurance will go down. Amazing that I thought I knew this stuff.

Apparently that's not the case.

So....my advice to you....consider shopping around for our auto, home, life insurance. Take in your current coverage and ask to have a quote run for you. You might be surprised!

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