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Monday, May 03, 2010

I Bet This Isn't in a Boy Scout Manual.....
You know the Boy Scout's motto: Be Prepared?

Well, this weekend, that was never more true! I was working on a project for my camp friend, Andre'. He's one of the directors for Camp Lincoln, and he specifically works with the Leadership Training (LT) program.

At camp, one of the traditions for the LT's is when you finish your LT program, you get a canoe paddle personalized with your name, camp years, and a quote specifically picked out for you. Andre' has asked me to make these paddles over the last few years and I enjoy doing them.

But we ran into a small snag this weekend.

I traced the letters for the word Tradition & the 100th year anniversary logo.

But nothing prepared me for this on the other side....

A logo for the canoe paddle company.
Right where the camper's personal quote was to go.

How did I miss this?
How did I not see this?

While Andre' was at the Kentucky Derby (yes, he went to Kentucky for the Derby), I sent him a text. A little back and forth of ideas he suggested turpentine to take it off.

I don't have any turpentine. But what did I have?

Nail polish remover.
That stuff stripped that logo right off.

Granted, I went through about 30 cotton balls and paper towels....

But we are free and clear!

1 comment:

Mark said...

Smart too! You got it all!
I removed that stuff from my Daughter's room because I couldn't handle the smell. I then hid it. Now I think I'll put it with my paints. Thanks for the tip. You're regular Martha Stewart. m.