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Friday, April 30, 2010

Stream of Consciousness (#2)....

*I have a chest cold. I blame it on the fact that we felt it was summer and have been sleeping with the window open in the bedroom for the last 6 weeks.

*I still hate the fact that I get carded for over the counter medications for colds. At first I thought it was only items with alcohol in it. Or stuff to make meth. But yesterday I bought Musinex and yep...got carded. Sheesh.

*The mock-up of my wedding dress is done and my mama is in the process of cutting it out and sewing it together. I'd take a deep breath or two, but that causes me to hack uncontrollably.

*We also got our marriage license in the mail yesterday. Again, I'd take a deep breath, but that deep coughing thing seems to get in the way.

*I've just recently referred 3 people to work at my university! Let's hope one of them gets hired as I get a nice little bonus!

*Speaking of my university, is it bad that I love Friday's because of the free bagels/donut/fruit buffet? You get one of your choice. Mine? Asiago Parmesan Bagel. Yum. Yum. Yum.

*Is it a bad thing to pay for part of your wedding dinner with a gift card? I won a $100 gift card to a restaurant of my choice. I picked the restaurant we're eating at after the wedding. I figure that sucker is worth at least 3 meals or a round of drinks.

*I make it a point every week when I work my late night to say Thank You to the housekeeping staff who come through and empty our trash cans. I encourage you to do that, too!

*I got my crew assignment for the 3-day. Sweep van, baby! Now Angi and I need a theme. Any ideas? Last year was Save 2nd Base. Any ideas would be appreciated.

*Have you entered my giveaway yet? If you'd like to play just leave a comment and I'll pick 2 people (maybe more!) to send a cool little prize based on their blog. Check it out by clicking here.

Have a good weekend! Mine will be spent scrubbing our house from top to bottom as my mama arrives on Thursday!


American in Norway said...

Hope you have a good weekend too... I am going to try to avoid scrubbing my house at all costs!.. Come on sunnnn... I need to get outside. : )

Sticky said...

I have that same cold...i think the mucus in my head/lungs has now been awarded its own area code. Won't stay in, won't come out. Sigh.

scargosun said...

Feel better soon! I think free food is an awesome thing and I would celebrate it too.

Rebecca Jo said...

I think its awesome you have a gift card to pay with... helps with your spending goal for the year too! YIPEE!!!

The mock up of the dress? OH WOW... my belly jumped FOR you... its getting CLOSE!!!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Gift card? Divine intervention. Use it with glee.