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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wedding Details #2, The Ribbon....

I had mentioned a few posts back that there was a story about the pink ribbon around my bouquet. I thought I would share that story.

When the Big Guy and I started dating, I was working full time for a summer camp as their office manager and enrollments coordinator (during the winter I worked on camp enrollment, in the summer I managed the office).

We began dating just a few weeks before I headed north for the summer. On a day off, I came down to his place as a surprise. I had already met his parents in passing prior to this day, but it was during this visit that I met his parents and chatted with them for hours.

Needless to say, I think we hit it off!

The next day back at camp, after lunch, I came back into my office where my staff were full of giggles and smiles. I asked what was going on and discovered a beautiful floral arrangement on my desk.

Wrapped around the vase was this pink ribbon.

I kid you not when I say this: when I looked at that ribbon I said, "If I end up marrying this guy, I'm using this ribbon round my bouquet."

I still had the vase (who doesn't keep a vase?) and the ribbon was still around it. When I worked with our florist, Tami, I asked her to put the ribbon around the flowers. She was kind enough not to use any double sided tape on that ribbon so I could take it off when I got rid of the flowers.

When the flowers were delivered, the Big Guy looked at the flowers and said, "Those are pretty! I like the ribbon!" I then told him about the ribbon, how I kept it and had Tami put it around the flowers.

He looked at me and said exactly what I thought he would say....

"And you call me the sap."

There you have it. The story of the ribbon around the flowers!


Tater Mama said...

That is the SWEETEST story! I love it! And I just lurve the pictures, so keep 'em coming!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That. Is. Awesome. I think those are the kinds of things that make a wedding wonderful. Not how much you spend on million dollar bouquets or favors, but the simple things that speak of a bride and groom's love for each other. Well done.

Rebecca Jo said...

That is Sap to the best extent possible!!! I love it!!! You musta known right away you were marrying this guy!!! Big Guy HAD to be impressed you thought of that!

Caren said...

I was so excited when I checked in this morning and your pictures are here!! Beautiful!! Love the stories (I'm a sap too) and you looked beautiful! So glad you had a lovely day! Good stuff to come.

PS... Baseball is killing me. Your team is doing great!

ickle_me said...

Awww, I remember you getting those flowers! xx