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Friday, June 11, 2010

Movin' on Up....
About 5 years ago, the Big Guy bought a brand new queen size bed on sale at the local furniture place. When we moved in together, my hand-me-down bed was recycled and we used his bed.

And approximately 3 days after sleeping on it I said, "We need a different bed."

We tried a memory foam mattress topper. That did the trick for a while, but once the weather turns warmer, it's like sleeping in a sauna. Not to mention the fact that I sleep next to a human furnace.

So, after the wedding, we took the wedding money my dad and grandfather gave us and we got this.

Oh yes!

It's one of those beds where when the Big Guy flops around in the middle of the night, I don't feel it. THAT will be worth the cost, believe me.

Like the comforter?

I got some awesome bedding courtesy of the gift cards I got at various showers (thanks, everyone)! I got a summer comforter, a winter comforter, two sets of sheets, pillow cases and a dust ruffle. Thank you Target for putting the bedding I registered for on clearance. I am forever grateful.

Now if you'll excuse me, I plan to spend all weekend in my bed.
Get your mind out of the gutter....
I'm working on the 3rd Annual Online Silent Auction for our 3-day team. Be sure to stop by on Monday...we'll have some great stuff!

Don't you dare bid on that Goats milk stuff. That's mine!


Life with Kaishon said...

Hi! I am visiting from Jason's today. I LOVE king size beds. I tell everyone that I think it is the best thing you can get for your marriage : ) When we had a queen sized bed I was dismal. I couldn't sleep. He was waking me up all night and I also sleep with a furnace! Here is to roomy beds!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh... I'm so jealous! Me & hubs talk all the time about getting a King Size bed... with four, yes FOUR dogs sleeping with us, its needed!

Love that comforter too - I am getting a new love for blues!

Mark said...

If I bought a king-size bed, I'd have to knock down the wall into the boy's room. Lucky you for having the space. Now, are you going to make that monster of a bed everyday?
Your Friend, m.

Amy said...

You will not regret that bed decision!! My husband is a furnace too, and you know what he does on those cold MN winter nights, he lays on my side of the bed and warms it up before I get in! Thanks for sharing the wedding details, the ribbon is very sweet.