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Monday, July 26, 2010

Feedback Needed.....
Last week I sent out my invitations for the reception. While I would have liked to have invited everyone on my facebook page, high school graduation class, camp acquaintance, and the like, we did have to limit our invitations.

This is what happens when your mother-in-law is one of nine, your father-in-law is one of 5, and your mom is also one of five.

Like usual, when invitations go out, you hear feedback about your invitations. "These are so cute" or "This is so you" or "They're just lovely!" I anticipated that when they went out. But what I didn't anticipate were the number of compliments regarding doing this as a business.

So. I got to thinking.
Would people buy this?
Here is what mine looked like in case you're wondering....

Specifically--I'm thinking of doing a "kit".
I know that there are DIY invitation kits out there. Most are ones you run through your printer and then stuff into an envelope and send it off.

But this kit would be more trendy and handcrafted.

What do you think?
If you were getting married, would you buy a DIY kit like this?
Or would you suck it up and cut out all this stuff yourself?


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh wow... how awesome is that invitation? A business is a pretty cool idea...

I bet you'd find both - people who would like kits - but would it be cheaper for YOU? Maybe you could offer both - a kit AND a finished product. Because most times, if it involves brides, there will be some who just want it all finished & done & complete... & you'll have people who are wanting to save money by buying the kits! Go for it!

jmmarshak04 said...

For the very un-crafty type like me who would like a very polished looking invite, I would go with the kit. I was highly impressed when ours came in the mail!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Kit! Love' em'.

Mark said...

I'm lazy. So if I was "allowed" to get married in my State, I would hire someone to do the whole thing for me.
But I am honored that you put my initial on the cover of your invitation. Thanks for thinking of me.
Your Friend, m. I mean, "M"
p.s. Seriously, I love your invitation.