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Friday, July 23, 2010

Where I Make a List of Random Thoughts....
Here is what's on my mind as we head into the weekend....

1. Based on me knowing better, and some of your helpful suggestions, I am getting fitted for running shoes. If I have learned anything from the 3-day....get fitted. There is an awesome shoe place in Minneapolis: Marathon Sports. They don't make us girls who have a little more "junk in the trunk" feel bad about getting fitted for shoes. I love their store.

2. I entered Pioneer Woman's photography assignment for water. Here is what I entered.

Not as cool as some of the other water pics, but I love the water droplets.

Maybe I need to tell her, "Hey...remember me? I'm the one who chatted up your blog to the Mall Cops producers..."

3. After reading endless manuals and handouts for my new job I have come to a conclusion. I will not, regardless of how much you paid me, earn my PhD. If I have to use a dictionary to look up words about writing a dissertation, perhaps I'm not ready to write one myself.

4. I am on a first name basis with the afternoon tellers at Wells Fargo in downtown Minneapolis. I've been there 3 days this week to deposit checks for my high school reunion (I'm on the committee). The teller at the bank yesterday said, "Oh wow....how'd you get suckered into this?"

5. The 3-day is around the corner. I predict it will be hot. And muggy. And people won't drink their gatoraide. And then they'll get in my van because they won't feel well. And then they'll get sick and throw up in my van.

HEAR THIS ALL 3-DAY WALKERS: Drink your gatoraide.

And if you have to throw up....don't ride in the Monopoly themed van. Thank you.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I'm dragging the Big Guy to a movie that may or may not include animated toys and have the number "3" in the title.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

LOVE the water droplets too! Nice job! You're a sure win!

Rebecca Jo said...

Does the "not including 3" also include 3-D? Because I'm not sure there ARE movies anymore that arent 3D!! Sad...

Good for you on getting fitted for shoes. I have yet to do that myself & know when I do, its gonna make my running turn into flo-jo!

That picture is VERY cool... love the water droplets ALL over the tomatoes too... very artsy!

Oh yes - keep gatorade or something with electrolytes at the ready to hold off vomit-comit-vanit ... had to make it rhyme somehow! :)

Jason, as himself said...

I was just fitted for running shoes, too. I have never spent so much money on a pair of shoes (I'm kind of cheap when it comes to shoes and clothes) but these shoes certainly will be worth every cent. I am upping my training this month and getting more and more excited. I'm glad ours will not be hot...November in San Diego means cool clear weather.

I can't wait to hear all about your 3-Day.

jmmarshak04 said...

We saw the 3 movie last week with the boys. Just as good as all the rest. A certain 8 year-old cried at the end, just an FYI. We are now looking for a time to see Despicable Me. Have a great weekend.

Amy said...

After a blistering disaster buying from a big sporting goods store, I went to a running specialty store in St. Paul. I paid the full retail price for the shoes but they were well worth the money.

Ooooh, reunion committee, now that's one thankless job!!