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Monday, October 11, 2010

Where I Get on a Soap Box About Cancer....
Recently on one of the local new stations they did an opinion piece on why, of all the cancers and all the cancer movements, why is it that breast cancer gets the most attention.

Think about it.
You can donate your yogurt lids to raise money for breast cancer.
You can buy Cheddar Sun Chips and donate money to Susan G Komen.
You can find various pink items on end caps at Target & Wal-Mart.

Other cancers have months for awareness as well.
Can you name them?
Don't feel bad. Neither can I.

And until 3 years ago, I was one of those people who said, "Why in the world do we focus so much attention on breast cancer." But 3 years ago this week, I received an e-mail that changed my perception of pink ribbons, the month of October and doing charity walks.

That e-mail was from Amy.
That e-mail told me she had cancer.

Do I wish we focused on other cancer causes? OF COURSE! I am a firm believer that research done for one cancer helps another.

I also don't believe that other cancer causes have been overshadowed. I just don't think they've got the "umpf" behind them like breast cancer does. Hate the idea that the cancer that had an impact on you doesn't have a month behind it? Then do something. Stand up. Fight back. Make a difference. Stop complaining & start doing.

So, when people ask me, "why such a focus on breast cancer?" my reply is simple.

Because someone stood up and shouted "OH HELL NO!" loudest.


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally got chills reading that last line...

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Right on!!

scargosun said...

I felt that way after my Dad dies of colon cancer but that was just grief anger. I totally agree with your last line. If anyone needs an example that women can move mountains, SGK is a really good example.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

If everyone stood up and said "Hell no" to something, anything, we'd have fewer problems in this world. Apathy cures nothing.