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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nesting: A New Dimension....
This weekend, Amy and I headed up north to see our dear friend Heather. Heather is currently pregnant.

With twins.

Amy and I are over the moon with joy that Heather is having a baby (scratch that...TWO BABIES!). Heather and her husband have been trying for so long to have a baby and to be blessed with two babies is amazing.

Myself, Heather & Amy at my reception.
We're holding up 2 fingers for TWO BABIES!
How cute is that photo?

We headed to Heather's neck of the woods to attend her baby shower. We arrived Friday night and immediately, Amy and I saw this:

Heather's calendar of events that need to be completed before babies arrive. Heather used electrical tape to create a horizontal calendar of the weeks until she is to deliver, and the tasks she wants to have completed before they arrive.

She also created the "countdown fish" to remind them how many weeks they have left until the due date.

I always took nesting to mean cleaning out a closet or putting away piles of stuff.
Apparently, I've got a lot to learn should we ever have a baby on the way!


Rebecca Jo said...

Now that is one organized momma-to-be!!!

Love the picture of you all together... you can see your excitement for your friend!

The Nice One said...

And I thought I was slightly obsessed with my lists and count downs!

Jason, as himself said...

How fun! I love this photo of the three--wait, no, of the five of you!

Thanks again for the 3-day care package you sent. It most certainly came in handy...especially the ear plugs! Funny thing is, I needed them the most the night before the walk started, listening to my teammates giggle all night long!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Being a mother of 17 year old twin boys I know being organized will help so much during the first year. Twins are such a blessing!!! Congrats to your friend!