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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Mother Nature....
Yes.  I know I have chosen to live in Minnesota.  The land of 10,000 lakes.  Mosquitoes as big as a bird.  Snowy winters and humid summers.

I get it.

But you know what?  I'm done with winter.

  • You gave us a blizzard in December that dumped 18 inches of snow.
  • You've dumped snow shower after snow shower all winter where I couldn't see down the road because the intersections were piled so high with snow I couldn't see.
  • You've given me cold blustery winds.
  • You've caused me to fight tooth and nail to try and get the one and only garage spot from my husband so I don't have to scrape my car in the morning.
  • And the worst part?  You teased me last week with 50 degree weather.  FIFTY DEGREES IN FEBRUARY!  

You bitch!

But this?

I'm done with you....

Photo "borrowed" from Sven's Twitter photo feed.  
I didn't ask.  I just copied it.


A girl who really wants to wear her spring skirts.


Rebecca Jo said...

Yeah... I could add a few more explicitives to Mother Nature's name myself...

Racing season (for running) starts here Saturday... the temp for the race will be 23 degrees... Yeah, BLEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

Mark said...

Even though I am laughing right now, I really am so sorry for you. Yes, I hope that Winter ends soon as well. What's funny is that normally, a 12 to 14 incher would sound appealing.
Your Friend, m.