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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fragments....

One of my bloggy buddies, Rebecca Jo does a "Friday Fragment" on her blog.  I'm totally stealing her idea because lately, this is how my mind is working....in fragments.

LAST DAY TODAY:  Today is my last day at the online university.  I will miss my work friends.  As crazy as this sounds, I will also miss the way that I felt empowered every day.  See, when you come from a job where you weren't given praise or told how good of a job that you do....it is nice to be in that environment.

I will also miss free bagel Friday and the free tea & crystal light. 

I will not however miss those who did nothing but complain and gripe.  We all have our grumbles about our job, but for the love of Pete....does it have to be something you do everyday, ALL day?

LAST DAY FOR OTHER COWORKERS?....  We got an e-mail on Tuesday that the company was going to be laying off 125 people.  Basically--only faculty are secure.  Therefore, it could be anyone.  All layoffs will happen between now & next Friday.  While I don't wish that on anyone, I hope that those who are impacted will be OK.

THE NEW JOB:  Well, I got word that my office is down the hall from the VP of Student Affairs and the University President.

So much for blogging at work.
Or facebook.

THE NEXT PIONEER WOMAN?:  I'm feeling very much like the Pioneer Woman, right now.  Why?  Because the Big Guy and I have been offered the opportunity to live out on his family's farm.  This is the exact home that he lived in before we moved in together!  We are excited about having a place to live, minimal expenses, and overall--the ability to save our money so that we can buy a home next spring/summer.

Having a hard time drawing the comparison's between PW and myself?

*City woman who moved to the farm
*The farm she moved to was her husband's family ranch
*No cows, but there are pigs
*A big garden that is planted every year
*I do own a kitchen aid mixer
*I also own some really nice kitchen knives
*There is a dog on the farm named Charlie

BYE-BYE BUS COMMUTE:  I'm kind of happy to not have to ride the bus.  Especially to share space with people who feel that it is their right to take up as much space as possible.  The other day I shared a seat with a guy who continued stretch and elbow me to get more space.  I was over as far as I could go.  The next time he did it I had just said, "excuse me?"  He just went back to reading his Sports Illustrated.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Mark said...

So close to the President, eh? George Costanza on Sienfeld does a great job at looking busy. I got some great tips from him.
Your Friend, m.

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA... you give me a shout out for Friday Fragments & look - its one of a rare Friday I dont do it!!! Doesnt life just work that way? ;)

I'm so excited for you on your new adventure... but no blogging or facebook at work? Gasp.. I'd die! :)

I dont think I could handle a bus commute. Not to mention the car-sickness factor if I dont sit in the front (think the bus driver would mind if I sat in their lap) - being that close to strangers freaks me out...

Janice said...

Kelley -

You will be missed around here. I could probably send you a bagel on a Friday if that would make you feel better.

Take care of yourself! Congrats again on the new position.

Caren said...

Do I have to refer to you as PW2? So cool about your new adventures... Your updates on life in the new work environment will be awesome. I am really looking forward to hearing stories about the farm. I'm somewhat envious...somewhat is the key word. I've always thought it would be cool to live on a farm (without mice).
Have a great weekend my friend!!!