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Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Week on the Job....

This week I started my new job at the community college.  And what a week it was.  I thought I'd give you a little recap....

Monday was a holiday, so I had the day off, as did the Big Guy.  Well.  His was snow related as we got 17 inches of snow.  SEVENTEEN INCHES.  I'm officially done with winter. 

Bring on Spring!

Tuesday was the first day!   Because of said snowfall, the roads were awful.  And it was foggy.  I left 2 hours early and still ran late.  I did call ahead just to be safe.  I pulled into the parking lot at exactly 8:01 a.m.

I then ran the HR gauntlet.....you know....benefits, paperwork, I-9's, etc.  I found out my health insurance doesn't kick in until April 1st, which means I need to pay for COBRA for one month.   I should be grateful for the insurance I have.  So many people don't have it.  But it was a bit of a shock to find out I have to wait 35 days until mine kicks in.

I also settled into my office.  Here's a photo!

Cute huh?

Wednesday, I got to work and read countless binders and folders about my job.  I also stalked facebook all day because my old job at the online school was laying off advisors that day.  What a yucky feeling.

And on the way home, because of this massive snowbank (I know it doesn't look massive from this angle, but let me tell you...it is) at an intersection on a very busy highway....

This happened....

Yep.  I was in a car accident.
I'm fine.
The other driver, a 16 year old kid, is fine.

Our cars?
Not so much. 
we are still waiting for the final total on the damage.  *sigh*

Thursday meant I was unable to get to work because I didn't have a car and needed to sort out the insurance/rental car stuff.  There were no rental cars in my little town--the only place that rents cars had no cars to rent.  The guy said, "I don't know what it is, but we've had quite a few accidents this last week."  Well, my friend I'll tell you what it was.  SNOW.  WINTER.  ICE.  Hello?

Thanks to my mother-in-law, we were able to get thee to a rental car place.  I'm now driving a zippy little Ford Fusion.  While I don't want my car to be totaled (my car is paid in full), driving a new car is a lot of fun.  And this car....it's fun!

That doesn't have a gas cap!  How odd is that!?!

And look at this.  When the tank is full....almost 500 miles to empty!!

And look!  North Dakota plates!  Where is the "University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux" license plate frame when you need one?

And Friday.  Last day of the week.  I came to work to be the only one in the office.  I decided to rearrange my office to my liking.  After moving my desk, I found this....


If they were going to give me a welcome present, the least they could have done was give me a sweatshirt from the bookstore or something.

If this isn't a sign that I need a vacation....I don't know what is.


jmmarshak04 said...

Here's to hoping this week is off to a much better start and continues that way!

Rebecca Jo said...

WOW... you've had one crazy week!!!!

Your office is super cute... the wrecked car? Not so much! Hope its not a total!!!!

But what a cool rental! its always fun to drive a new car!

Ahh - Mr. Bug just wanted to stay warm & out of the snow too! :)

Mark said...

Okay, I think that I can honestly say that your four day work week, sucked! You must have been sweating bullets knowing that you were late(even my a minute) to your first day. Your poor car. What can I say?
Hopefully this week is good. And bugless!
Your Friend, m.