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Friday, March 11, 2011

Farm Friday, edition 1….

One of my favorite bloggers is Big Mama. Every Friday, she does a “fashion Friday” post. While I don’t know zilch about fashion, even after my closet audit, I thought I’d steal her idea for a consistent Friday post. 

I’m calling mine… Farm Friday.
(I give it 4 weeks before I forget to post)

Now that I’m living out on a farm, I thought I’d share with you what I experience from week to week. After all, this city girl, living in the country, has comedy written all over it.

This week, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been dealing with since I first walked in the door.

Asian Beetles.

Here’s the deal. Like most creatures, we like to be warm. So, when winter hits, we find places to go that are warm. For some, it’s warmer climates like Arizona, Texas or Florida. For some, it’s in front of a fireplace. For Asian Beetles, it’s inside my house.

The crawled in during the fall and hunkered down for the winter. Now that we’ve moved in & turned up the heat, they’ve come out to enjoy the warmth.

Thankfully they don’t harm anything.
They don’t eat anything—so I won’t find them in my flour or anything.
They do pinch if they crawl on your arm or leg, but it is minor like a pin prick.

So, how do we get rid of them?

Well, I could bug bomb the place. But we have her….

And she’s worthless in keeping these things at bay. She will watch them crawl across the floor and then go right back to sleep.

Therefore, we’ve been fighting them with this….

My mother-in-law’s vacuum.
(Our vac is still at the old place because I still need to clean it and don’t want to haul a vacuum 60 miles, one way)
(image found from a google image search)

If they figure out a way to crawl out of the vacuum, I’m going to be pissed.


Mark said...

Noooo!!! Those are LadyBugs. You know, good luck and all.
Happy Farm living!

Anonymous said...

Now the sad fact is,Asian Beetles were imported to this country. Yep, imported to attack the aphids on soybeans. So if they don't plant soybeans around the farm this year you're in luck with beetle control. If they do,invest in better screens. Sorry only advice your mother has. love,mom
P.S. I'd rather battle Asian Beetle then the Stink Bugs we have out here. They look like a Box Elder bug but you do not, I mean do not want to step on them. They aren't named that for nothing!!!

Leah said...

Stella wouldn't like catching them anyway -- according to our former kitty friend, Griz, they taste really gross. I too used to suck them up in the vacuum, and I found they would get out of our canister. Good luck!

Rebecca Jo said...

Wait... WHAT? Those arent ladybugs? I have them ALL over my house too & always think, "i've covered in luck!!!" ... they're beetles???????

Now I'm freaking out...

Caren said...

Yuck... I hate bugs. We have some weird bugs here...not sure what they are but they also like the warmth. My daughter named them "George" bugs...they are everywhere. I just keep throwing out the door. I totally forgot your guys were moving to the farm. Well country girl...how is going (besides bugs)???