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Monday, May 23, 2011

I Slept in a Lighthouse....
This weekend, the Big Guy and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary by going up to Two Harbors, MN and staying at the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast.  We received a gift certificate as a wedding gift and took advantage of it for a weekend get away.

This lighthouse is a real, live, honest-to-goodness, working lighthouse.  Now owned by the historical society in the area, they renovated the building and have now opened it as a bed and breakfast.  The lighthouse operations are actually automated and run by the Coast Guard in Duluth.

The Big Guy walked out onto the pier and got these fun photos

We went up in to the lighthouse itself....up into the tower with the rotating light.  It was pretty cool and a little freaky all at the same time....

The one photo I didn't get was the sign that said, "Please do not climb the ladder--Thank you, The Lighthouse Ghost."

Oh.  I forgot to mention it.
The lighthouse is haunted.

And I experienced it first hand.

The room we were in was a fairly large room, but sadly, the bed was a full size bed.  We currently sleep on a king.  We looked at that bed and we knew instantly that we both wouldn't sleep well in that bed.  The Big Guy tosses and turns all night.  I like to sprawl out.  It just wouldn't work.   I took the roll-away bed out of the closet (the room technically slept 3, so that's why there was a roll away bed).  I set it up running perpendicular to the full size bed, but it wasn't touching the bed.

At about 3:00 a.m., I felt the bed being pushed.  I was started awake thinking that the folding legs of the bed were collapsing.  I got out of bed and realized that they were not collapsing or folding under.  I crawled back into bed.  As I dozed off, the bed got pushed again, like someone was trying to push it out of their way.

I thought nothing of it, thinking it was maybe the wind coming through the window was blowing the blankets.  Or maybe I have restless leg syndrome?  

The next morning at breakfast, two of the guests were talking about how the lighthouse was haunted.  There was a ship that sank off the shoreline in the late 1800's and two stow-aways on the ship died.  Apparently they are the ghosts of the lighthouse.  This was confirmed by Rose, the staff member who makes breakfast and keeps the lighthouse beautiful and tidy.  

I guess someone didn't like the fact that I wasn't sleeping in the same bed as my husband!  But I'm sorry, lighthouse ghosts....we just don't fit in a full size bed.

Maybe that is their way of telling me to go on a diet?


krismn said...

that is so cool! I also live in Minnesota so we are going to have to go there...thanks Kris

Tater Mama said...

Okay. That's pretty neat. And the part about being visited by the ghosts? Well, I guess that's neat, too! Glad y'all had fun, and happy anniversary!

Rebecca Jo said...

Maybe it was just Della Reese & you were "touched by an angel" ... better that then touched by some stow-aways :)

That is a pretty cool way to enjoy your anniversary! I cant believe its been a year!!!

Tara said...

My thought at the beginning of your post - That's so cool to stay in a lighthouse! I want to stay there. I love lighthouses.

Then I read about the ghost. Not OK. I'm a firm believer in I leave them alone and they leave me alone. Therefore, I will not be able to stay.

Thanks for the post and happy 1st anniversary!